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Suicide On The Ward

by NZPN I remember Elaine Ngatai so well. She was one of the patients I had worked with so many times... Read More


My First Nursing Instructor

by Angie O'Plasty, RN We communicated solely by gesture and body language, but the little old German lady taught me more... Read More

No hablo Espanol

by Private Peds Nurse Back when I first became a nurse in 1988, I did a lot of my clinicals in different backgrounds in... Read More

How EMS impacts our care of patients in the ER

by traumaRUs EMS is our partner in crime so to speak. They bring us the good, bad and the ugly. The care that... Read More

Long-term antepartum care in the hospital

by Elvish Care of the antepartum patient that's on your unit for an extended length of time can be a huge... Read More

Hands of Love

by White Shoes Some time ago, I was called to a dementia unit to help with the residents living there. It was a... Read More

How to clear your browsers cache

by brian Google Chrome Go to the wrench icon upper right and click: Tools Clear browsing data Leave... Read More

Late Preterm Infants (Part 3)

by Elvish Apologies for the long hiatus! I have not forgotten that we were last on the subject of late... Read More

A Guy Explains Birth to a Pregnant Woman

by MachoNurse Yesterday I explained birth to a pregnant woman. Well, at least part of the process. Me, a guy... Read More

Life just sucks sometimes.

by Thanet My Grandmother was born in 1904 and immigrated to America with her family shortly thereafter. When... Read More

Culture of Violence

by GilaRRT Culture of Violence It is a brisk winter morning. I am looking foreword to a little rest and hope to enjoy some of the festive spirit that seems... Read More

Matua and Joseph Smith Junior, a night at the Psychiatric Ward

by NZPN Matua was one of the patients referred to as "well-known to mental health services" i.e. in and out very often indeed. He is a very clever man -... Read More

Why I Want To Be a Nurse

by MiaNur My life story. I want to thank all those nurses out there that have not lost that desire to help, that human compassion that they have, the privilege... Read More

Strangest Lost one I ever had.....

by CathyLew Strangest lost one I ever had. After reading the “lost one” post, I got to thinking about the strangest “Lost one” I ever had. Back several... Read More

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

by traumaRUs What is a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing? A Critical Incident Stress Debriefing is a meeting involving mental health providers, peers, perhaps a... Read More

Angels Exist In Nurses

by thabstone Student nurses always take note of the staff nurses they are working with. Either their experiece is good or traumatic, each work day is always... Read More

My Latest Research Paper

by VickyRN This is the paper I have just completed for my Philosophy of Science Nursing Course during my first semester (fall, 2008). While writing it, I... Read More

The Dreaded Research Paper - Pointers for Success

by VickyRN Everyone in graduate school has experienced it - the "dreaded" research paper assignment. The deadline is closing in like a freight train and you are... Read More

Code Status: When should we talk about it!

by klg315 During the past month of my practicum on the neurosciences unit, I have seen and cared for numerous patients. Some have had do not resuscitate (DNR)... Read More

A Tribute To My Mom

by kurisuchine08 My mom has been born with a congenital heart defect. So, her family has been very protective of her. So protective, that, they wouldn't allow her to... Read More

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