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By Lindsey McGraw - Driving to work one day I was thinking to myself, "oh well another day, another dollar, going to work with the old folks." Reporting to my place of employment for my usual 3-11 shift when I stepped off the elevator, I was greeted by a new resident who was sitting in a wheelchair by the door. He was darling with his white hair, big dimples, infectious smile, and a voice wispy and cheerful. Looking over at me he said "Hi my... Read More


Security Guard with the Mostest (or How to Entertain a Little Old Lady)

By Ruby Vee - i was working in ccu, taking care of an elderly woman with a fresh mi. it might have been that the moon was full, but i can't say for sure. that was the night the patient took off from the medical floor where he was de-toxing from the combination of alcohol and pain killers that made the police decide he needed to be in a hospital rather than lying on the barroom floor . . . he wandered up to the 7th floor and through the double... Read More


Restorative Dining

By Lindsey McGraw - A concept has been put in place called Restorative Dining which is a practice to bring residents together in a social setting, resembling a restaurant, with the idea of enhancing the dining experience, and giving some a time for socializing with other residents. A syndrome called "Failure to Thrive" and loss of appetite in the geriatric population is a very big problem. Nursing homes are finding this new method of bringing residents to... Read More


Posterior View

By middypiegirl - Nursing School is so fun. You are provided so many opportunities to hold back gags, laughter, vomit, "eww something stinks faces", the list goes on and on. Also, you get the chance to see things you never, never dreamed you would have the opportunity to witness in person. Ever. In your life. That is where my story begins. I remember it ever so clearly. "Leslie" and I, 2 nincompoop students who had just lifted a male patient up... Read More


"That Crazy Old Lady Did It!"

By Ruby Vee - When I started my first nursing job in the late 1970s, I was the very first BSN graduate hired at that hospital. They had their own School of Nursing, you see, a diploma school, and they pretty much exclusively hired their own graduates. I’m not sure WHY I thought it would be a good idea to work at this hospital rather than the large university teaching hospital where I originally intended to work and where I’d been offered TWO jobs... Read More


The Case of the Missing Spoon

By gsu8696 - The evening shift at the hospital, especially on the oncology unit was one of the most enjoyable, interesting and unforgettable jobs I've ever had, even though I probably didn't think so at the time. This particular evening started off like most others, busy and unpredictable. As charge nurse for the unit on that shift I never knew what to expect, but learned to take whatever surfaced in stride and tried to remember that 11pm (or... Read More


Death Deny-ing Acts

By gsu8696 - Most of us never forget our first experience with a patient’s death. It usually makes a fairly intense impact on us as new nurses. I even remember the room number of the patient who initiated me with this aspect of nursing. I also remember that my fellow nurses were very supportive in providing me information on how to deal with a deceased patient such as post mortem care, how to handle the family, how the pronouncement was handled,... Read More


Those are her breasts.....

By BSN_after_40 - As most of us did, I started my nursing career as a CNA in a long term care facility. It was great experience and I really got my feet wet by following some great nurses around and pitching in where ever I could. But let's not forget the CNA's; they really work hard and do a great job keeping the residents/patients clean, dry, and happy! I feel my time as a CNA was an important part of my nursing experience and enhanced my career.... Read More


Funny Story Nursing Related_Ice Capades

By lindacoap - November 8, 2008 Nursing goes far into my past so many funny things have happened during the course of time trudging up and down long halls serving my patients. The one hilarious happening that always stands out in my mind, reminding me of some Laverne and Shirley episode, began like this. The evening shift started out like many others in the 1960’s, overwhelming tasks and two of us to care for 18 orthopedic patients, mostly men,... Read More


New Supervisory Why?

By Lindsey McGraw - After returning to school, becoming an R.N. I decided to dabble in the world of supervisory. Quickly I found it is a trickle down affect starting with the D.O.N. and I am third on the pile. Basically on the 3-11 shift I am the only one left in charge to handle emergencies, family concerns, and personnel issues. Close to ten years in this position, now with iron clad nerve fiber, intestinal fortitude, and a sense of humor, there is not... Read More


What's That Smell?

By growing777 - I work as an RN in a busy Pediatric ICU. We take care of all kinds of patients, ranging from tiny babies to bulky teens. Several years back, I was assigned a little baby girl who had chronic diarrhea and failure to thrive due to a congenital defect that left her with no intestinal villi. Every hour or two, I would have to change her diaper. One diaper change was particularly messy. She had had a blow-out bowel movement, out the diaper... Read More


Baby Who?

By Lindsey McGraw - One evening during an eight hour shift at my place of employment, a local nursing home, sounds of a resident yelling "help, help!" and "come quick!" followed by a commotion broke the silence. Staff on duty reacted promptly running towards the room where the sound was coming from---no one ever knew if it was a true emergency like a fall, someone in pain or a resident waking from a bad dream frightened and fearful. Geriatric residents... Read More


Sometimes, I'm Such a Moron!

By interleukin - We usually post a sign at the head of the bed if a patient has a nickname. Someone had done so for my patient, Mrs. B. Her nickname was, "Littlefoot". "Very cool," I thought to myself. "Someone with American Indian bloodline." Mrs. B. was intubated because of a stroke. She was one of two patients who were assigned to me for the weekend in our ICU. The unit was full and, not surprisingly, it was busy. A lack of support staff made... Read More



By gsu8696 - When you've worked in hospice as long as I have, there really isn't too much that a patient can do or say that surprises you. Most of the time, anyway. Pain management is a very tedious part of the hospice nurses' lives. It takes a lot of time to titrate medications, figure out which adjuvant meds will work best for each patient and provided continual assessments for each patient to ensure you're ahead of the pain (or whatever... Read More


Nursing Home Follies

By gsu8696 - Working in a nursing home has never been something I was thrilled about doing. It was just never a place I wanted to practice nursing. But a friend of mine was DON of a nursing facility. She and I had worked several jobs together, sometimes she worked for me, sometimes I worked for her. I obviously owed her a VERY big favor, because she talked me into working as charge nurse in her facility on the weekends for a summer to help her out.... Read More


The Art of the Snappy Comeback or How to Render a Teenager Speechless

By janfrn - I knew even before I walked onto the unit that it was going to one of those nights. The looks on my coworkers' faces when they saw my assignment told me more than I wanted to know. Why me? I wondered, but I already knew why. As the mother of three adults including a daughter who wrote the book on acting out, I have a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners reputation. That's how I came to meet Desiree. (All names changed to protect the guilty!)... Read More


Head Bugs....

By NurseAlwaysNForever - Working in the lock down unit at the first nursing home I ever worked at was always hilarious. Most of the funny things I have experienced as a nurse have been because I misunderstood something I was being told. I am very “book” smart, but the hubby says I have no common sense what so ever. On this particular night my patient, I’ll call him Ray, approached the nursing station with his headphones in his ears and his big black... Read More


Murder, Marilyn Monroe and the Secret Dentures

By Tait - many times in my nursing career i have come across the most hilarious of patients, but one patient, who i shall lovingly call ms. brit, had a cornucopia of entertaining idiosyncrasies. ms. brit ms. brit was a 70-something gi patient who looked 45. she spoke with a melodious british accent and had a smile that melted even the sternest of doctors. scd’s a pumping and dilaudid pca a beeping her and i had the most interesting of... Read More