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My Latest Research Paper

By VickyRN - This is the paper I have just completed for my Philosophy of Science Nursing Course during my first semester (fall, 2008). While writing it, I realized how much I had grown over the semester. I am looking forward to the spring and further adventures in graduate school! Abstract This paper compares and contrasts two philosophical perspectives involving contemporary nursing research and is divided into three sections. The first... Read More


The Dreaded Research Paper - Pointers for Success

By VickyRN - Everyone in graduate school has experienced it – the "dreaded" research paper assignment. The deadline is closing in like a freight train and you are procrastinating. What can you do to break the inertia? First of all, prepare the "shell" of your paper per whatever style your program requires (usually APA or MLA). My college, like most nursing programs, uses APA. Prepare your title page (page 1), abstract page (page 2), level one... Read More


A Break in Her Cycle

By datnurse - Nearly every woman at some time in her life will miss her menses. There are a myriad of other reasons for this to happen. Take, for example my patient, Lindy. “I’m late again. Should I be worried?” she chirped as she perched herself on the end of the exam table and swung her legs back and forth nervously. “Before we start to worry, let’s talk”, I reply then query about her menstrual history: ... Read More


Life just sucks sometimes.

By Thanet - My Grandmother was born in 1904 and immigrated to America with her family shortly thereafter. When she turned 12, her Mother forced her to drop out of school and work twelve hours a day in a tire factory so the family could pay the bills. When she was 17, her family pressured her to marry a man she didn't love in order to gain financial security. Shortly after she said I do, my Grandmother came to her senses and demanded a divorce. ... Read More


Positioning for Pain Control

By Angie O'Plasty, RN - Proper positioning of a patient in pain has nearly become a lost art with the advent of patient-controlled analgesia and the focus on pain as the 5th vital sign. However, proper positioning, used as an adjunct to appropriate analgesics, can often help elderly patients find an acceptable level of pain relief. Most nurses and CNAs have been taught the obvious -- elderly patients must be moved gently and carefully due to fragile skin... Read More


Today We Lay to Rest...

By Aneroo - Today we lay to rest the husband of one of my coworkers. The news of his death haunts me, and brings back memories of my first patient having a major heart attack. I was fresh out of nursing school, working my first nursing job in a large emergency department. I was with Marie*, my preceptor, a wonderful nurse. She managed to be strong and got her job done quickly and well, but yet was gentle and had a huge heart. It was late in... Read More


Nursing Student Days

By tropanium - I was a very naughty student during my nursing college days. Does not follow the appropriate uniform at times,Always arrives late during our scheduled clinical rotations, does not listen to endorsements and sometimes instead of giving appropriate quality nursing care i'll end up spending my duty hours on a "complete bed rest" mode (e.g. sleeping)... Once, during a clinical rotation in a medical-surgical ward, a doctor asked a... Read More



By Lindsey McGraw - Driving to work one day I was thinking to myself, "oh well another day, another dollar, going to work with the old folks." Reporting to my place of employment for my usual 3-11 shift when I stepped off the elevator, I was greeted by a new resident who was sitting in a wheelchair by the door. He was darling with his white hair, big dimples, infectious smile, and a voice wispy and cheerful. Looking over at me he said "Hi my... Read More


Security Guard with the Mostest (or How to Entertain a Little Old Lady)

By Ruby Vee - i was working in ccu, taking care of an elderly woman with a fresh mi. it might have been that the moon was full, but i can't say for sure. that was the night the patient took off from the medical floor where he was de-toxing from the combination of alcohol and pain killers that made the police decide he needed to be in a hospital rather than lying on the barroom floor . . . he wandered up to the 7th floor and through the double... Read More


Late Preterm Infants (Part 3)

By Elvish - Apologies for the long hiatus! I have not forgotten that we were last on the subject of late pretermers and hyperbilirubinemia; this time it's late pretermers and breathing. Obviously, one can't survive extrauterine without oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange in the lungs, whether by natural respiration or mechanical ventilation. There is never a 100% guarantee that things will go as they should in any situation, but with a late... Read More


on being born

By MachoNurse - Yesterday I explained birth to a pregnant woman. Well, at least part of the process. Me, a guy with no kids and no chance of becoming pregnant. How, I ask myself, could I possibly be qualified to teach a pregnant woman anything about having a baby? In the past three weeks I've seen one vaginal birth and one Cesarean, and have done assessments on a few newborns and new moms. I doubt if I could even get a small part on Gray's Anatomy... Read More


Code Status: When should we talk about it!

By klg315 - During the past month of my practicum on the neurosciences unit, I have seen and cared for numerous patients. Some have had do not resuscitate (DNR) orders; one had a compassionate terminal care (CTC) order, and others a full code status. As a student, the anticipation of a code being called is anxiety laden to say the least. In talking with staff it became apparent that no matter how many times they have been in a code situation it is... Read More


A Tribute To My Mom

By kurisuchine08 - My mom has been born with a congenital heart defect. So, her family has been very protective of her. So protective, that, they wouldn't allow her to get married for fear that she would die of childbirth. But my mom was a stubborn woman, despite of her family's objection; she married my father and had two children with him. I grew up seeing my mom being admitted to the hospital too many times. Her condition worsened through the... Read More


Hang in there new Grads and New Nurses it does get better..I PROMISE

By Morettia2 - So I haven't been on this board for a while. I have been an R.N. for 1 1/2 years now, where I started as a brand spanking new grad in Interventional Cardiology/CCU Stepdown/Critical Care..woohoo although I would have not said woohoo about 6 months ago...I have been reading alot of the recent posts and I feel like that was and still is me. This board for 1st year nurses saved me from quitting my job numerous times. I came here and... Read More


Oscar The Octopus

By Babs0512 - One fine evening I lived what was to become one of my favorite humorous stories, I'd like to share it with you. I was a fairly new nurse, I had been working approximately 6 months. One evening I listened to report and then set about visiting and assessing my patients. As I came out of the report room, I noted "Oscar's" call light was on - impatient to get started with my other duties, I nonetheless went in the see what Oscar... Read More


The Male DR Nurse

By phatreecio - Being an intern is a challenging experience. We have to rotate unto several wards and sections in order to be able to fully appreciate all the fields of the Nursing profession. And what really was very upsetting on my end was being assigned at the delivery room. Well, I'm a male and sometimes, pregnant women feel awkward when the "xy" chromosomed human being joins this special section. And the dreadful day came, I can still imagine... Read More


New Supervisory Why?

By Lindsey McGraw - After returning to school, becoming an R.N. I decided to dabble in the world of supervisory. Quickly I found it is a trickle down affect starting with the D.O.N. and I am third on the pile. Basically on the 3-11 shift I am the only one left in charge to handle emergencies, family concerns, and personnel issues. Close to ten years in this position, now with iron clad nerve fiber, intestinal fortitude, and a sense of humor, there is not... Read More


What's That Smell?

By growing777 - I work as an RN in a busy Pediatric ICU. We take care of all kinds of patients, ranging from tiny babies to bulky teens. Several years back, I was assigned a little baby girl who had chronic diarrhea and failure to thrive due to a congenital defect that left her with no intestinal villi. Every hour or two, I would have to change her diaper. One diaper change was particularly messy. She had had a blow-out bowel movement, out the diaper... Read More