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For Sale: Used Nurse. Dirt Cheap!

by VivaLasViejas It's taken me a dozen years to get here, but I have finally decided that I'm no longer a "new"... Read More

Nurses Coping with Personal Grief

by tnbutterfly Because nurses work so closely with dying patients....providing intimate care to the whole... Read More

Socialised Medicine the myths and the facts

by madwife2002 Having worked in a country which has socialized medicine I can certainly see the pit falls and the... Read More

"How Can You Stand It?"

by VivaLasViejas If I had a nickel for every time I've had to answer that question, I'd be able to retire tomorrow. ... Read More

My study guide for HESI -passed on first try!

by sisph I took the HESI test today and thankfully passed with a 946. My school was allowed to take a... Read More

How to be an APN in ten easy steps....or how to spend oodles of $$ on your education

by traumaRUs How to become an advanced practice nurse in ten easy steps! My very different educational path... Read More

Real Nursing

by Angie O'Plasty, RN Nursing interventions are created moments. To me, "real nursing" is a moment created to identify... Read More

Giving Nursing Students a Taste of NICU

by SteveNNP So today I was wondering..... how well do we as NICU nurses best represent what NICU really is to... Read More

The Extent That You Will Go For Your Patient

by mwinstea I was standing next to his bed, telling him a joke and he got majorly, majorly tickled and started... Read More

The caregivers taking care of ourselves

by twinmommy+2 oh my gosh, the pandemic is here! mass destruction is upon us and the end of the world will... Read More

Novice: The First Stage on Your Journey

by VickyRN The novice stage - we've all experienced it. It's a time of stretching and rapid personal and professional growth. The stretching can be humbling and... Read More

Do I Love Nursing? What Day is it?

by Purple_Scrubs There have been many threads recently on AN along the lines of nursing: love it or hate it. I think about this often, and have realized that my... Read More

Should I Carry Malpractice (Liability) Insurance?

by sirI Nurses can be sued at any time, for any reason. Often, allegations brought against you are unfounded, but just being named in a lawsuit gives one... Read More

Pointers for Success in Nursing School

by VickyRN You just received your acceptance letter into nursing school. How exciting! You are about to embark on a life-changing journey, a wondrous career and... Read More

Oops, I Did It Again: Dottie

by VivaLasViejas ..........I went and lost my heart to yet another hospice patient. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson after caring for my old friend in that same... Read More

Burn out in the ER

by traumaRUs I always loved the ER from the very first day in 1996 when my preceptor told me not to worry, I would get the hang of having patients that were very... Read More

Cheating in the Classroom

by VickyRN Cheating is always a potential problem in the university or college setting. It is very problematic for students, in that their learning is being... Read More


by cuteinpinkNS If someone asked you to answer the question, "Are nurses made or born", what would you say? I believe all nurses are made through knowledge and... Read More

An Honor

by nursebboop1 I entered through the front door of the nursing home just after 8am. I then signed in at the front desk while shaking off the biting cold of that... Read More

Waiting has a magnificent purpose.

by jesjay I am twenty-two. I just received my nursing license six months ago. I have attended two trainings and a not-so-stunning-no-seminar-at-all for my... Read More

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