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If at First You Don't Succeed....

by VickyRN This article candidly describes my struggles as a novice nurse educator and discusses how... Read More


The Blend of Grey

by Gold_SJ For the Ethics Competition. An expression of the battle nurses go through everyday. In fighting... Read More

We're not leaving until Mama's in a home

by Flare It didn't matter to this woman that her mom was discharged. She was done with being a caretaker. ... Read More

BOLC Graduation!

by Pixie.RN Wow, the last week is kind of a blur. We left very early last Monday for the field. It was a short... Read More

My PhD Journey - Part 1

by VickyRN This article describes my experience in a challenging PhD program, while working full time as... Read More

Bullying in the workplace

by plasmic Bullying comes in a lot of shapes and forms. It could be covert, amorphous, lateral, which is why... Read More

It's your turn now, nurse!

by Elvish I am an OB nurse; I do mother/baby, newborn nursery, and high-risk antepartum nursing. I'm used to... Read More

Fill in the Blanks

by riosoriano07 Have you ever felt sick of getting up to bed- have your shower so early in the morning and drag... Read More

A Never Ending Battle

by LMFRN This is a story about a patient I took care of who had suffered multiple medical problems her whole life, and she was left with nothing except a... Read More

A Nurses Responsibility: Report Possible Narcotic Diversion

by clebius Chemical dependency and narcotic diversion from the workplace has become more common. Nurses need to know their responsibility if there is an... Read More

The small stuff really counts, can it save healthcare jobs?

by madwife2002 An introduction to some of the meaningless tasks a manager has to do and why it seems that your manager is always dealing with the small stuff which... Read More

The Trouble With Women . . . .

by Ruby Vee Misogyny is the dislike, mistrust or hatred of women. At best, it's bigoted and at worst hypocritical. It isn't good for us, our co-workers or our... Read More

Negative and Positive parts of being an RN

by madwife2002 I love the expression 'burn't out' but what does it mean to you? I have never been 'burn't out' as a nurse but what I have been is ... Read More

Landing a job in a tough economy

by NRSKarenRN while wandering the internet tonight, found an interesting article at ana's career center: landing a job in a tough economy by sharon brewer, rn,... Read More

BOLC Week Seven: Gas Gas Gas!

by Pixie.RN GAS GAS GAS! Yep, that's right ... this week was the infamous gas chamber. For those of you who don't know what that entails, we were issued a gas... Read More

BOLC Week Six: I Would Trade My Firstborn for a Shower...

by Pixie.RN I'm kidding, I really wouldn't trade my firstborn for a shower ... but only because I'm not having children! When I last blogged, I was getting ready... Read More

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