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A Sister Never Forgets

By AmericanChai - When I was nine years old, my brother Adam was murdered by someone who was supposed to be caring for him. His murder went unsolved and unprosecuted for 19 years. The man who killed Adam is now sitting behind bars but will be released soon. I filled the anniversary of Adam's murder with busy... Read More


Patients We All Know and Love

By VivaLasViejas - As I've grown older (and hopefully wiser), I've become more and more appreciative of the human animal. Each and every one of us is different from everyone else, yet somehow, people under duress tend to behave in certain ways that have a consistency that never ceases to amaze me. And in my... Read More


My Little Old Jedi

By phoenixfire - Okay, so here's my story: I'm hopping along in my job as an aide on the intensive care unit at a local hospital. I love my job, the nurses I work with are phenomenal, and the pay is great. Okay, so only the first two are true...BUT, there is one story that will forever warm my heart and remind me... Read More


Student Resources: Nursing Diagnoses

By VickyRN - A nursing diagnosis is a clinical judgment about individual, family, or community responses to actual and/or potential health problems or life processes. A medical diagnosis, on the other hand, is the identification of a disease based on its signs and symptoms. The professional practice of... Read More


Ten Things A Nurse Doesn't Want to Hear

By VivaLasViejas - We've all heard them.............those hackneyed phrases and dopey questions people often direct at nurses because they truly do not understand what we do. 1) "You're so smart, you should have gone to medical school." I AM smart---that's why I became a nurse instead of enduring 80-hour work... Read More


I love this job......

By Misslady113 - :twocents:When I first decided to become a CNA I wasn't sure if it's what I wanted. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the dirty work, to get so personal with people I didn't know. I wasn't sure if it would be worth it. All the hard work for so little pay and no recognition. But this job has been so... Read More


Entry into Practice: Diploma Programs for Registered Nursing

By VickyRN - Diploma programs are the oldest and most traditional type of nursing education in the United States. These programs are two to three years in duration and provide nursing education primarily in the hospital setting. Graduates of these programs receive a diploma as opposed to a college degree. Most... Read More


Error and Attitude

By iluvicu - I committed this medication error during my first month of training in the hospital. I was assigned in the medical/surgical/pediatric floor of the hospital. We have 38 patients at that time and we're only 4 nurses on duty, dengue hemorrhagic fever was on its in short, it was a toxic duty.... Read More


Searching for the Purpose

By i am glad - We (students from AUP, Adventist University of the Philippines) had a chance of having a duty in Philippine Orthopedic Center. Ive seen situations in that hospital that Ive never seen before, but there was a patient who inspired me While entering to the male ward, my attention was caught by a... Read More


Ruby's Marbles

By Linda McCool - Having been a nurse for almost thirty years, I remeber the days when we had time to sit and interact with our patients. In today's world of JCAHO, HIPPA, PYXIS medication dispensing systems, computerized charting, and bottom lines, I fear that our patients lose out on those special moments of... Read More


What Do Operating Room Nurses Do?

By BethCNOR - The RN specializing in Perioperative Nursing practice performs nursing activities in the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of the patients' surgical experience. Based on the Standards and Recommended Practices for Perioperative Nursing--A.O.R.N., the operating room nurse... Read More


BSN to PhD Nursing Programs

By VickyRN - BSN to phd programs offer a more direct path to the phd in nursing, with the aim of increasing the number of doctorally prepared faculty. Nurses with bsns can be prepared for doctoral faculty positions in five short years. These programs are ideal for learners who desire to become nurse scientists... Read More


You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

By VivaLasViejas - As a nurse of some years' duration, I've often been accused of harboring a rather warped sense of humor. I'm not sure what happened, or when I devolved from a normal person who laughs at knock-knock jokes and funny animal videos to a degenerate who cackles madly at bodily functions and the infinite... Read More


RN to MSN Programs

By VickyRN - Rn to msn programs directly bridge rns with diplomas and associate degrees to the masterís degree level (master of science in nursing degree). These type programs require licensure as a registered nurse, a certain amount of bedside work experience (usually 1 or 2 years), gre or mat (with minimum... Read More


"I hear voices"

By talaxandra - ETA: Some people have reported they found the context of this story unclear. To set the scene a little better: I was a member of the second last group of hospital-based student nurses; in Australia tertiary education was introduced in the 1980's and completely phased in by 1990. Changes in models... Read More


Preventing FRUTI (Foley Related Urinary Tract Infection) in LTACH

By maggiejrn - While working as the Quality Manager for a LTACH (Long Term Acute Care Hospital) one of my responsibilities was Infection Control. As with most facilities our highest number of infections were FRUTI (Foley Related Urinary Tract Infections). There were a number of factors to consider. The biggest... Read More


It's Just a Shower

By NurseThis21 - The purity of water can bring wonders to a parched soul, a dirty wound, a needy plant. I happen to know of a way in which water can bring solace to the heaviest of hearts and even the most entangled minds. I met him during my Psychiatry clinical and he happened to be a regular on the unit. I didn’t... Read More


Entry into Practice: Direct Entry MSN Programs

By VickyRN - Direct entry masters in nursing programs offer a rapid entrance into both the profession of nursing and advanced nursing practice. These unique programs are also known as entry-level or alternate entry nursing masters programs. This type of education is specifically tailored for people with a... Read More