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Ten Things I Love About Nursing

by VivaLasViejas 10) I get to work in the most comfortable clothing on the planet. When I was a nurse manager, I was... Read More


Entry into Practice (Part 2) - Baccalaureate Programs in Nursing (BSN)

by VickyRN Baccalaureate degrees in nursing include the bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) and the bachelor... Read More

Beware: A Patient May Steal Your Heart

by Lindsey McGraw A good rule of thumb when resigning from a nursing position is to always leave in good standing. ... Read More

Lessons from a blind man

by nerdtonurse? It was one of those nightmare weekends that made me wish I'd never left the deathless, bloodless... Read More

Dementia Can Kill You!!

by BSN_after_40 I was working in a float pool as an LPN years ago until I landed something more permanent. It was... Read More

My very first patients funeral ( a thank you to nursing instructors)

by malestudentnurse The funeral for my very first patient ever was yesterday. I began caring for him during the first... Read More

The Little Round Thing

by Hope4us One more month! Then I would be free from the little white dress with purple piping that contoured... Read More

Hazards in the Field of Nursing

by chloram_24 Carelessness can cost everything you have, your work, hope, dreams, and most especially your life.... Read More

Laughter, the Best Medicine for Nursing School Blues

by sailgurlie I graduated from my first nursing program in 1984 at the ripe old age of 22. I was the president of... Read More

Tales from the ICF: Ed-EEEEEEEE!

by VivaLasViejas Since so many of you have enjoyed my nursing-home stories, I thought I'd offer character studies of... Read More

From the Other Side of the Bed Rails - When the Nurse Becomes the Patient

by tnbutterfly I had an interesting experience today. I walked into a hematology/oncology office ......... but this time as the patient. It’s strange how much... Read More

Quest For Girls

by Lindsey McGraw During a time frame when I was still a relatively young nurse, I encountered a life altering experience… turning my whole world upside down. ... Read More

My First Code

by ilovechadkrause My First Code I am a new nurse. I just graduated 5 months ago, and I am so proud and excited about my career. One thing I feel new nurses are not... Read More

My Child Has Wings...My path to Nursing School

by lexie'smama For as long as i can remember , even as a young girl, I had wanted to become a nurse. But, sometimes, life happens, and things change and the real... Read More

Grama Nancy

by nancynurse74 As a Pediatric nurse, the usual rewards you receive are the smiles and hugs from the children. But usually in the hospital setting, they are not well... Read More

Just For Today

by VivaLasViejas Years ago, I received a greeting card containing a poem which exhorted the reader to do things he/she might not ordinarily do, "just for today". I... Read More

Entry into RN Practice (Part 1): Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)

by VickyRN There are multiple entry levels into the profession of registered nursing. The various entry points are associate-degree in nursing (adn), bachelor... Read More

I am not alone

by waterpaint Where should I start? 5 days ago, Friday, July 24th 2009, I took the most agonizing exam known to nurse-kind; the infamous NCLEX-RN. We, as new... Read More


by MistyDawnRN06 I know now how burnout occurs. It occurs with the death of nursing. It occurs when the compassion well has been overturned by those who insist on... Read More

A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

by b a nurse I finished with my clean up and comfort cares, I then returned my attention directly to my patient. Her labored breathing echoed low and dark as it... Read More

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