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Let's Make a Deal

By Arievilo - One of my very first patients off orientation as a new graduate nurse was named Ida (name changed for obvious privacy reasons). Ida was a morbidly obese lady in her early 70s. Ida came to us from an understaffed and unsafe local nursing home. She had type II diabetes and as a result had necrotic... Read More


Teachable Moment

By Flare - As a school nurse, I am in the unique position of acting as both a teacher and a nurse. Sure, nurses do patient teaching all the time, but somehow there is a difference when you realize that you're no longer just teaching Mrs. Smith how to change her colostomy and you're now teaching ideals and... Read More


Nursing...So far

By HurricaneHanns - “Oh, that hurts so much!” My grandma’s eyes are screwed shut and her breath is coming short and quick. I am trying to peel back the tape holding the bloody gauze to her leg. The nurse that comes to her house twice a day to check on her and change the dressing was in a hurry and used a very... Read More


To my preceptor, future students beware (rant)

By leekun2010 - Dear Preceptor, This past spring 2010 semester, I was assigned to you for a whole semester to learn the ins and outs of being a nurse independent from my classmates. It was just you and I. I was excited when I began this semester-long process of learning how to integrate what I have learned in... Read More


End Of Life Issues---The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

By VivaLasViejas - If I ever become a hospice nurse (which is what I've decided I want to be when I grow up), the varied experiences I'm collecting in long-term care should stand me in good stead. Right now I have three different residents in three different stages in the process of casting off the human shell... Read More


"Hey, Could Ya Hand Me That Hoojaflobbets There?"

By VivaLasViejas - It's funny, how this aging business really slaps one upside the head now and again.....usually when (and where) s/he least expects it. My mother's face stares back at me from the mirror these days. Each birthday brings new aches and pains, plus there's usually a new symptom or two that make it a... Read More


First Day of Clinicals

By justme01 - I woke up excited and nervous about clinicals. I put on my school issued scrubs, with girdle underneath, and tied the waist tight. I am 5 ft 3 and 290 pounds, and a girdle is necessary in order to keep my pants from going straight up my butt. I tied them extra tight because I did not want them... Read More


A Few Simple Rules For Electrical Safety

By Ruby Vee - I learned some of these rules the hard way, and others I learned through the misfortunes of others. When defibrillating a prisoner in custody, remember to remove his wrist AND ankle shackles before using the electricity. This is especially important if the prisoner is shackled to a metal... Read More


My 20th Year in Nursing

By General E. Speaking, RN - This year marks my twentieth year as a nurse. Hard to believe. I wonder how many patients I have cared for in twenty years? It boggles my mind. I am certainly not the same nurse I used to be. Long gone is that young naive girl that graduated LVN school in 1990. She was a little scared and... Read More


MRSA Colonization in Healthcare workers and patients

By Mammy1111 - Four percent of healthcare workers MRSA-positive reveals results of a study of MRSA prevalence in healthcare workers. Very few studies have been done regarding this subject. Every nurse I spoke with at the recent Maine State Nurses Association convention said “all of us probably have MRSA... Read More


A different perspective

By maryloufu - When the ambulance rolled up to the ER I could see the EMTs doing chest compressions on my dad. I remembered a guy his size who had coded when I was working on the floor- that guy did not make it. I started to shake and sob loudly. The ER nurse came over- I told her I would not interfere but I... Read More


Mildred's Brand New Littman Stethescope

By Ruby Vee - a sense of humor runs in my family. my great grandfather was well known as a great story teller -- almost everyone in the county knew willy and could repeat some of his best stories. when i was in high school, i was always running into oldsters who would say ďruby vee? youíre georgeís daughter,... Read More


"Nurses are so Mean"

By Ruby Vee - I wish the phrase "nurses eat their young" had never been coined. Thirty some years ago when I was a new grad, the phrase hadn't yet been coined. When I had problems with my co-workers, I could only look at my own behavior. I was young, fresh off the farm and totally unprepared for my new job as a... Read More


Be My Friend at the End

By Dancer3 - I returned to nursing after having been at home with my children for a number of years. At first, I was apprehensive and uncomfortable. But I had a great team of nurses and a wonderful preceptor and eventually my "deer in the headlights" look gave way to an underlying confidence. I had learned to... Read More


Moments You Wouldnít Wish To Be A Nurse !!!

By hoope - - When you meet a 15 years old kid with a CRF ( Chronic Renal Failure ). He’s so cute and is smiling while you are taking a blood specimen . - When a 2 years old girl is kept NPO ( NOTHING PER ORAL ) and is crying for water. All I can give her as a nurse is a sips of water to wet her mouth and... Read More


When I Was a New Grad . . .

By Ruby Vee - this for those of you members of who have hinted, believed, insinuated or baldly stated that i donít remember what itís like to be a new grad, that i always thought i knew everything, that i have ever actually known everything or that nurses eat their young. believe me, if iím still... Read More


More Things Your Nurse Won't Tell You: Spring Fever in LTC Edition

By VivaLasViejas - As every nurse knows, there are shifts which are generally limited to full-moon summer weekend nights, with normally pleasant staff members going off on each other, patients catching the love bug and literally falling all over each other, families crabbing about anything and everything, and... Read More


Nurses and Lawsuits: A Medico-Legal Perspective

By aerialacer - As nurses initiate their professional obligations, their legal responsibilities also begin. As they start their journey, they also start learning from themselves and from other people. Their license bears out that they are capable and qualified under the law to practice their profession. Their... Read More