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Sitting Is Overrated

by Ruby Vee sitting is overrated. i say that because at present i can't sit. it isn't that i'm far too busy... Read More

Dear Me!

by rivet32 I had an embarrassing experiencing with wearing what I thought was a Unisex nursing uniform. The... Read More

Calling the Code - a coping mechanism in 14 lines

by TDFlMedicRN We all have different ways of dealing with the stress of what we do on the job. This is one of... Read More

Smart Nurse vs. Dumb Pharmacy, Round One. DING!

by VivaLasViejas In the midst of a Friday swing shift (otherwise known in the hospital industry as "Boot 'Em Out to... Read More

Good-bye, Mrs. Meanjeans

by VivaLasViejas Here's a "world's worst patient" tale....with a twist. Wilma is, quite simply, a terrorist in an... Read More

CPAP: Use It And Live

by Ruby Vee The majority of patients I encounter in the ICU/CCU who have a diagnosis of sleep apnea do not use... Read More

What I Know About: The PITA Patient

by VivaLasViejas This is the first in what will be an occasional series, loosely based on the AARP Magazine's... Read More

Plagiarism - Do You Copy That?

by VickyRN The curious off-black smoky color to the font and section headings with an odd bluish hue alerted... Read More

Things I've Learned This Year

by Ruby Vee A look at the lessons I've learned or re-learned this year. Hopefully, I learn new things every... Read More

How I Fell in Love with Nursing

by acaitan29 This is the story of how I fell in love with the nursing profession. It tells how I learned its... Read More

Teacher turned Nurse

by NamasteNurse Nursing and Teaching are alike, and not alike. I miss teaching. I miss summer vacation. Christmas vacation, Easter break, President's day. I miss the... Read More

So Why Do You Do It?

by BeinganRN9 the day of a typical med/surg nurse. you crack one eye open as the clock next to your bed starts blaring some song about love, loss, or riches;... Read More

Teaching Methodologies that Work - Turning Teaching into Learning

by shinneh Teaching methodologies, if used correctly can enhance a student's learning. It is important that educators choose a variety of methodologies to aid... Read More

Student Ruminations

by NamasteNurse She looks a lot younger than she is. All her make-up is on but she is not at all flashy, she just takes care of herself, for herself. On the phone... Read More

CPAP: Tips for Nurses

by Ruby Vee so your patient comes into the hospital, assisted living or long term care facility with a diagnosis of sleep apnea and one of those dreaded cpap... Read More

Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

by Doc Lori, R.N. Nurse burnout is treatable through counseling, yet despite experiencing toxicity, we tend to feel as though we are able to "fix" ourselves. Stop... Read More

A Beautiful Nightmare

by acaitan29 "Tit-tit!Tit-tit!Tit-tit!" I woke up to the continuous beeping of my mobile phone. At first I thought that I was just dreaming. But there goes my... Read More

Fired After 50: Epilogue

by VivaLasViejas Hard-won lessons from one nurse's "Summer of Discontent", which began with what seemed to be a secure job and the adulation of many, and ended with a... Read More

Pain Medication From Common Sense Perspective.

by mike_lee Is pain scale an objective tool to measure pain level. I’ve never thought so. How often it happens when a nurse asks a patient: Do you have pain?... Read More

Know Thyself: Prevent Mistakes

by ne1410us New to the ICU setting and to a radical neck surgery post-operative patient; I allowed emotions to cloud critical thinking and it led to possible... Read More