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I Passed NCLEX!! Sharing What I Did...

We see all the time on allnurses how people graduate with honors, do Kaplan/Hurst/PDA Reviews,... Read More


It's Already Gone On Long Enough

I've been trying to write this article for a week, about end of life issues, dementia,... Read More


Boundaries in nursing could be defined as a therapeutic relationship putting the needs of the... Read More

Failed the NCLEX? A Passed Down Blueprint to Pass the NCLEX

The following was a secret from someone who failed the NCLEX and then passed it on! I am now an RN... Read More

PR in Nursing Has Taken the Front Seat in Patient Care

Or, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Lately, seems as if image in nursing or even... Read More

Quality Improvement in End of Life Care

A literature review done by a graduate nursing student. This literature review explores themes... Read More

The Irony of Nursing

My thoughts on respect and support within this profession. Wrote about personal experiences and... Read More


Passing the NCLEX took persistence, hard work, and a whole lot of support from the AllNurses... Read More

My Study Tips For CRNE

I passed the CRNE in my first try this June 4th, 2014. I wanted to share my study tips that helped... Read More

LTC 101: What To Expect

Here is a brief guide for new LTC nurses as to what they can expect from their jobs. Included are... Read More

Anticipation: Behavioral Risk Assessment

To be pro-active, nursing has enacted many risk assessments. They prove true on each and every patient who is seen. A couple of the current focuses... Read More

An Easy Way to Save a Life... or How to Not Kill Somebody

Hospitals depend on robust systems to prevent errors. Despite that, flexibility that is sometimes required in urgent situations can expose patients... Read More

New To The Forums

If you think "allnurses" is harsh sometimes, you've totally missed out on the unmoderated newsgroups of the 1990s usenet. We're all new to the... Read More

Entering My 18th Month of Bedside Nursing...What I Have Learned.

My reflections based on my experiences as a nurse entering the 18th month at the beside. I write about what I learned from nursing and how nursing... Read More

New Grad/Hate My Job/Life is Miserable!

After nearly four decades, I still remember my miserable, awful, no good first year of nursing vividly. It was my first full time job, the most... Read More

Psychological Issue Was More Serious Than Initially Suspected

How do you confront a close family member when you suddenly realize he has a serious psychological issue? I first noticed his extremely red, dry, and... Read More

Stop the (Deskilling) Merry-Go-Round, I Want to Get OFF!

de·skill verb (used with object) to remove any need of skill, judgment, or initiative in: jobs being deskilled by automation. Health care... Read More

Only in New York

I work in a busy emergency dept. in NYC. The atmosphere can get pretty intense, my colleagues and I try to use humor to lighten things up. One way we... Read More

Help....I Can't Take it Anymore!!! - Nurses Coping with Stress

Do you have those days when the stress of your job just makes you want to scream?? Maybe you do scream....but hopefully not at your... Read More

My Love For Being a Pediatric Hematology / Oncology Nurse

I wanted to share my story on why I love being a Pediatric Hematology / Oncology Nurse. It amazes how my patients are so strong and brave. The... Read More

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