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It's Already Gone On Long Enough

By Ruby Vee My mother-in-law had a stroke last week. Details are sketchy -- she's several hundred miles away and the daughter who lives closest, a mammography technician, knows just enough to tantalize my husband and me with some of the medical details, but not enough for us to get the full picture. She had... Read More



By jadelpn Patients are vulnerable. They are relying on nursing to give them care, encourage their independence, to increase or maintain their functional level. This takes a certain amount of trust. Trust is something that is multi-faceted. Trust in one's nursing practice is far different than trusting a... Read More


Failed the NCLEX? A Passed Down Blueprint to Pass the NCLEX

By passenclex4x Being and RN feels Great! A feeling hard to explain. It is out of this world especially when one sacrifices so much to reach the goal. These steps will help you get to that goal. It worked for me. They worked for the person who passed it on to me. And, they worked for countless of others. Now,... Read More


PR in Nursing Has Taken the Front Seat in Patient Care

By jadelpn Or, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Lately, seems as if image in nursing or even PR in nursing has taken the front seat in what makes great patient care. Does it, really? Can facilities create an image through PR that make a difference in how a patient is cared for? Or perhaps... Read More


Quality Improvement in End of Life Care

By StefO Family members of patients in the intensive care unit are an intricate piece in the end of life decision making process. However, families are not always as informed or involved as they would like to be. There are a multitude of articles relating family satisfaction and effective communication for... Read More


The Irony of Nursing

By DeepBreath I don't know if it is just me but I feel like nursing is really oppressive and unsupportive. I think this all starts in nursing school. Everyone becomes for them self and no one is willing to help you out, even people who you call friends. The faculty at the school could not care less about your... Read More



By Nurse2beMN Passing the NCLEX took persistence, hard work, and a whole lot of support from the AllNurses community. In addition, it required a number of resources to ensure readiness for this beast of an exam. In the below article, I highlight my journey to becoming an RN; I hope it provides a model that you... Read More


My Study Tips For CRNE

By shompeh I passed the CRNE in my first try this June 4th, 2014. I wanted to share my study tips that helped me become successful in writing the exam. I hope they're helpful to those ones writing it on October 2014. I spent 1.5 month studying for the CRNE after I attended a 1-day CRNE prep course. I used the... Read More


LTC 101: What To Expect

By VivaLasViejas Not every long-term care nurse chooses LTC as a profession. Sometimes, it chooses us. But no matter how you've arrived at your first job in a nursing facility, there are challenges awaiting you that you didn't anticipate, especially if you're coming from acute care or another environment where... Read More


An Easy Way to Save a Life... or How to Not Kill Somebody

By ♪♫ in my ♥ Hospitals depend on robust systems to prevent errors. Despite that, flexibility that is sometimes required in urgent situations can expose patients to risk of adverse effects. Nurses are often the final safeguard that prevents patients from being harmed. A vigilant nurse questioning an unusual set... Read More


New To The Forums

By Ruby Vee If you think "allnurses" is harsh sometimes, you've totally missed out on the unmoderated newsgroups of the 1990s usenet. We're all new to the forums at some point, and some of us learn faster than others of us what to do and not to do online. I'm a slow learner . . . maybe I can save someone... Read More


Entering My 18th Month of Bedside Nursing…What I Have Learned.

By Lev <3 I look back at the past year and half plus and I can hardly believe I am here. I sometimes wish I was still back in school under the watchful eye of a clinical instructor or preceptor, with time to fully review charts and have hour long conversations with my patients, to be able to watch and not... Read More


New Grad/Hate My Job/Life is Miserable!

By Ruby Vee After nearly four decades, I still remember my miserable, awful, no good first year of nursing vividly. It was my first full time job, the most responsibility I'd ever had and the achievement of a goal I had been working toward for years. The first year of nursing is miserable, it really is.... Read More


Psychological Issue Was More Serious Than Initially Suspected

By RschIVF40 How do you confront a close family member when you suddenly realize he has a serious psychological issue? I first noticed his extremely red, dry, and chapped hands …Must be from the dry air, I reasoned….Then, I noticed the frequency he washed his hands...4 to 5 times in 60 minutes. Hmmm, that... Read More


Stop the (Deskilling) Merry-Go-Round, I Want to Get OFF!

By NotReady4PrimeTime Alternative title (courtesy of Brian Booth): How much is that cheap thing you bought going to cost you in the long run? Once upon a time, the Powers-That-Be, residing in the ivory towers of academe, decided that nurses should be considered professional providers of health care. The main flaw in... Read More


Only in New York

By Sea_of_Roses I work in a busy emergency dept. in NYC. The atmosphere can get pretty intense, my colleagues and I try to use humor to lighten things up. One way we do this is by giving patients pet names. "Scratchy" a regular homeless patient, was one of the people for which this was true, until recently that... Read More


Help....I Can't Take it Anymore!!! - Nurses Coping with Stress

By tnbutterfly We all know that nursing is a stressful profession. We don’t own the market on stressful jobs. But the source of our job stresses come from a different source that may elevate us higher up the ladder. The consequences of us missing a deadline can be much greater than a business person who misses... Read More


My Love For Being a Pediatric Hematology / Oncology Nurse

By Mramjohn I knew as a young child I wanted to work in the medical field. When I was 14yrs I was aware I would be called to be a nurse. I did not go straight to college after high school, instead, I decided to get married and have children. I began my career path in the medical field while working as a... Read More

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