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Help....I Can't Take it Anymore!!! - Nurses Coping with Stress

By tnbutterfly - We all know that nursing is a stressful profession. We donít own the market on stressful jobs. But the source of our job stresses come from a different source that may elevate us higher up the ladder. The consequences of us missing a deadline can be much greater than a business person who misses... Read More

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My Love For Being a Pediatric Hematology / Oncology Nurse

By Mramjohn - I knew as a young child I wanted to work in the medical field. When I was 14yrs I was aware I would be called to be a nurse. I did not go straight to college after high school, instead, I decided to get married and have children. I began my career path in the medical field while working as a... Read More


Sure to Get Flamed for This

By Kyrshamarks - I am sure I am about to get flamed for posting this, but I feel the need to anyways. I have been seeing these threads talking about bullying and teachers or preceptors hating the students, and new nurses or abusing them because of some perceived slight or injustice. Well guess what young un's? ... Read More


An Unapologetic Reasoning On Why You Don't Want To Be A Nurse.

By Mr Midwife - Being a nurse is a tough college course to decide to take and too many people are walking in eyes wide shut. There are a lot of disappointments on the way and at times you will feel like you've made the wrong choice. The purpose of this article is to make people aware of these issues but hope that... Read More


Bridging the Communication Gap

By SmoothKeys - We often pay little attention to our reading and writing deficiencies even as we appreciate their importance in our daily lives. Speaking confidently before an audience can sometimes evoke powerful emotions of fear. Communication has been written and rewritten but as nursing students and... Read More


Domestic Violence: Telling Her To Leave Is Not Enough

By Ruby Vee - You've done your job; you've noticed that the woman under your care seems to have an awful lot of accidents, and injuries are not consistent with her story, that her husband or boyfriend is controlling or verbally abusive, that she might be a victim of domestic violence. You've asked her if she... Read More


Inspiration is the Fancy Half of Breathing

By jadelpn - Gives new meaning to the phrase "take a breath". Ethics classes in nursing should start looking at balancing what a nurse needs to do for a patient, and what the patient wants the nurse to do for them. For what management wants - it has little to do with good patient care. Frustrations rise, and... Read More


Critique of nursing school

By NormaSaline - Having seen so many pitiable messages thrown up on this board from desperate students barely surviving nursing school, I wanted to give my two cents worth from a less immediate and frazzled perspective. Let me say that I understand that Iím generalizing. I donít believe for one second that all... Read More


Expecting the Unexpected

By SmoothKeys - Lifeís circumstances have a funny way of forcing an individual to reevaluate goals and weigh outcomes. Most of us have been there before and swore we knew what we wanted to be when we grew up. Even as we grabbed the bulls by the horn to pursue said goals, the experiences are never quite in vain.... Read More


LTC 101: What To Expect

By VivaLasViejas - Not every long-term care nurse chooses LTC as a profession. Sometimes, it chooses us. But no matter how you've arrived at your first job in a nursing facility, there are challenges awaiting you that you didn't anticipate, especially if you're coming from acute care or another environment where... Read More


Raw: Two Months After Graduation... One Month After Employment...

By ixchel, rn - I watched that video in orientation thinking, "these people are crazy. I'm a ray of sunshine and hope! I am a positive person! I believe in myself and I am ready to learn and BE AWESOME!!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!" But here I am. Three days shy of a month in on my first job. And there is a bit... Read More


A thief named Alzheimer's

By Ahvegas - It's a weird feeling. To love someone that isn't quite sure who you are. It grips you, right in the heart, the blank stare. The one where they look right thru you. And you wonder, are they trying to remember? Will I get lucky today? Sometimes, on a good day, you can tell by looking in... Read More


Help Me Understand! UCD Grad Student Reflections

By babaloo8 - Nursing as a profession is unique in that there are multiple educational pathways. The decision to advance ones degree is a personal one. As a graduate nursing student I am struck by the perceptions of the lack of value of educational advancement in nursing. Although I understand that this is not... Read More


Domestic Violence: What Leaving Feels Like

By Ruby Vee - Imagine you got up from your computer right this minute, and walked out of your house knowing you will never, ever come back. Maybe you had a chance to grab your purse on the way past the chair it's slung over, but more likely not. So you've walked out of your house with nothing but the clothes you... Read More


Do New Graduate Nurses Need a Formal Residency Program?

By JPCummings - The following article closely examines the current curriculum of the generic four year baccalaureate degree and questions the inherent limitations of clinical nurse training in the academic setting as well as the orientation process for new graduate registered nurses (RNs) in the hospital... Read More


To Those Educators That Care

By DeepBreath - A thank you to those professors, clinical instructors, registered nurses, and preceptors who take the time to instruct nursing students. Who actually teach and strive to be better. To those who ensure we get hands on clinical experience and test our knowledge. For those who believe in us more than... Read More


What I Would Love To Send to My Hospital's Inpatient DON

By Lev <3 - This is what needs to be instituted to keep your nurses and patients happy: Mandated nurse to patient ratios The suggested ratios are: 1:5 Acute care, 1:4-5 Observation 1:4-5 Surgical acute, 1:4 Heart Care Unit, 1:3 Intermediate Care, 1:6 SubAcute, 1:2 ICU, 1:4 ED. These ratios should not be... Read More


The Worst Hospital Visitor I've Ever Seen

By Ruby Vee - There are so many . . . . how to choose? There was the woman who'd had an aortic dissection repair, and things didn't go well. She had a perioperitive MI, a CVA and sepsis. All told, she was a patient in our ICU for six months. I didn't hear much about the patientís life from HER; she was... Read More