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The Hardest Day, The Happiest Day

By anon456 - President's day. I had worked the night before and was just getting up in time for the kids to get out of school. I got the phone call that changed my life forever. I answered it to hear hysterical crying. At first i could not understand what she was saying, just crying. Then my step mother was able to form enough words to say, "Your Daddy is on the ambulance to the hospital. He did not have a heartbeat when they found him!" It took a... Read More


Today's Hospice. It's not what you think

By katie'sangel - As patient advocates, we need to understand the appropriate use of hosppice. Families and patients are suffering needlessly without it. Recent research by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization shows over 1/2 the deaths in American in 2009 occurred without the support of hospice. It is my goal as a hospice nurse and patient advocate to better educate medical professionals to the appropriate use of this valuable... Read More


Be the Nurse You Would Want as a Patient

By tnbutterfly - If you have had the misfortune of being a patient in the hospital, what stands out about your experience? No matter the specific reason for your admission, Iím sure it was an experience you would rather not have had. What was it that made your experience a good one.......or a not so good one?? Was it the care you received......... or the care you did not receive?? Nurses do not have the ability to change your reason for being... Read More


Broken Hearted. AKA: A Valentine's Story Sweet Enough to Rot Your Teeth

By CheesePotato - Warning: Proceed with caution! The following is so sickeningly sweet, so saccharine, that it will rot your teeth. And I do mean rot 'em good. I am a cynic to the core of my soul and I think, for just one moment last night, I may have known how the Grinch felt with that sudden onset of cardiomegaly that occurs when he decides to return his spoils of victory (the fool). Anyway...on with the tale. This week has been the week... Read More


Optimal Effects of Child Life Involvement in Pediatric Nursing

By Jgomulinski - Caring for the pediatric population can be extremely demanding on the nurse at times. Incorporating multi-disciplinary care along with family centered care can be difficult and challenging, yet provides such a remarkable experience for the patient. A large part of this is the result of child life specialists. The child life specialist alleviates a great deal of pressure for the nurse as it allows for a crucial and trusting relationship... Read More


After Nursing: Is There Life Out There?

By VivaLasViejas - I knew it was too good to last forever. Today, in a meeting with my company's regional director of operations and the corporate nurse consultant, my Executive Director and I learned that we will both probably be let go if our building doesn't pass our re-survey next month. We got our butts handed to us during the exit interview last time, and we've had some challenges that have put us behind schedule in getting the new programs up... Read More


Recruiting for the Future

By P-RN - A frequent topic of nursing discussions and articles has been that of nurses eating their young. This refers to the instances when older, more experienced nurses withhold the support newer nurses need when starting out in their careers. Rather than using their expertise to guide and aid new, inexperienced nurses, many older nurses seem to have the attitude that as they once had to struggle and learn to cope with the challenges of... Read More


Remembering to Feel

By beckster_01 - Life can get crazy. For as long as I can remember I've heard all sorts of tragic stories. When I open the newspaper I read about countless bombings, shootings, house fires, and snipers. But I have become numb to the fact that bad things happen, and it takes effort to let myself be affected by them. I know that it seems cold and insensitive, but if there is nothing that I can do about a situation I pick myself up and move forward. None... Read More


Non-CNA Jobs You Can Work While You're a Student

By TheCommuter - You are studying to become a nurse and would like to be working for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you would prefer to graduate from nursing school completely free of debt, or at the very least, you wish to minimize any student loan debt you might accrue during your years as a nursing student. Maybe your household really depends on your income, and therefore, you've got to work. Perhaps you are looking for a job because you're... Read More


The Stranger Within: One Year Later

By VivaLasViejas - It's always been a source of wonder and amusement to me that during my frequent searches for an item I've misplaced, I always seem to find something else that brings back a memory or two. And, like many of the elderly Moms and Pops at the assisted living community where I work, I often get so lost in the new distraction that I completely forget what I was doing before. It happened again earlier this evening as I was going through... Read More


The stigma of mental illness and suicide

By Liddle Noodnik - There has been quite a lot of conversation about Mindy McCready's suicide and mental illness,and it amazes me the different opinions people have about suicide and mental illness. I thought that I should "come out of the closet" once again about this issue, and talk about my own experiences with it. The article below was written by a man who has the illness and his experiences and thoughts. I thought it would ba good springboard... Read More


Changing Lives Exponentially

By futurenursgteacher - I wanted to be a nurse because I was inspired. When I was 15 and very naive, I got pregnant. I was scared but my boyfriend at the time was very nice, as were his parents. Everything was going ok. I had plans to finish high school and go to college with their help. Then, I had my first ultrasound. The tech put the wand on my then 22 week tummy and said, "Lets see what we have, shall we?" After about 20 seconds, she turned the... Read More


New nurses wanted.

By GrnTea - I have just read a post in a Nursing Specialties forum on Staff Development that makes reference to the need to recognize and nurture new nurses because the nursing-eat-their-young attitude is so widespread. I went to respond to that but realized it might see more eyes here. As a clarification, it is critically important to know that someone who has a bad experience is likely to tell the story 25 times, while someone with a good... Read More


A note of deep concern and worry

By CheesePotato - My colleagues of all stages, please take a moment: There has been a rash of suicides and suicide attempts in my community and it has driven me to write this note. After the devastating loss of a nursing student, I just....I don't even know where to begin. So I'll start: Please, please, please remember that in taking care of others, one most take care of oneself. Please remember no matter how dark, how down, how trapped you... Read More


Random Musings on my Birthday

By TheCommuter - Today is my 32nd birthday. . . Time seems to fly when you are busy doing other things. I registered as a member on on February 20th, 2005. Wow! I have been a member of these forums for eight years! At that time, I was a 24-year-old who had reached one of life's crossroads. I was asking myself, "What in the heck am I going to do with the rest of my life? Are things going to work out for me?" About six months prior to... Read More


Meaningful Interaction: A Study in Comfort

By CheesePotato - The following contains real life tasteless jokes told by a healthcare professional. Proceed with caution. In every family there are different traditions and approaches to comfort. I, in particular, am not a huggie (huggy?)/touchy feely person. Hugs do not comfort...they distress. Yet I am surrounded by normal folks for which a physical hug is important and it is there that I find myself wrapped in philosophical debates... Read More


The faces behind the scene at!

By madwife2002 - The faces behind the scene - do you ever wonder what the staff are like who moderate allnurses? Did you know we have at least a 100 plus years of nursing experience to bring to the table and that we all work full time in our nursing jobs! All of us are extremely proud to work for, and often spend hours of our spare time moderating to keep this site up and running. There is a whole other world behind the scenes where we... Read More


Three Clicks of a Mouse

By VivaLasViejas - As those who study the social habits of humans have observed, Internet forums are a reflection of society as a whole, no matter how exclusive the community. And as the spate of recent threads here on Allnurses indicates, the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School have spurred many a debate about the Second Amendment......and as an unfortunate by-product, the rights of citizens with mental illness. Strangely, nowhere is the latter... Read More