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Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

By jadelpn We never seem to be paid correctly for what we do, or what we perceive others do. Being in patient care, we are in the business of seeing people at their not so best and brightest. Patients need assistance. They may be fiercely independent but need a good shower. Bodies bleed, they smell,... Read More


No Experience Necessary

By VivaLasViejas An older nurse whose career is essentially at its end contemplates her next act, despite not having the foggiest idea whatsoever of what she wants to do or the financial ability to chuck it all and retire. Should she try to find something in healthcare support, informatics, case management....or... Read More


How do you know that hospice is right for you?

By FlufferNutter When people think of death, sadness is what is most associated with it. Hospice/Palliative care can help take away some of that sadness. Providing a dignified end-of-life experience can mean so much to the patient, the patient’s family, and the healthcare providers involved. Please share your... Read More


Where Do I Go from Here?

By VivaLasViejas A seasoned RN finally realizes that after a couple of years of trying to pull her life together and hold onto her career, she can no longer work as a nurse---a decision that disappoints not only her supervisors and co-workers, but herself. Now, in late middle age, she must figure out what the rest... Read More


Warm Fuzzies Story

By Blueorchid Your story isn't unlike many others I've read, carefully reading the printed handwriting on your flow sheet as the night shift nurse gives me a detailed list of your injuries. You're young, I don't need to see your birth date to know that as I glance up from the cubby outside your room to look at... Read More


New Grad RN Orientation

By mollie.v I'm currently orienting on a busy Medical unit. Like any other hospital, I have a preceptor with me... However, it's not been the best experience. I wonder if it's me or my preceptor. I've only had experience working at a LTC facility, but I did have 3 semesters of clinicals at the hospital that I... Read More


Managing life outside of school...

By QueenAnnissa Managing life outside of school can be a balancing act. As students we strive to achieve good grades and course objectives inside the classroom, while also attempting to care for the other areas of our life such as relationships, family, work, and home life. This article discusses the different... Read More


We don't need your kind here

By jadelpn Every unit has them. The nurses who, at any level of licensure, have been with the facility for a number of years. Depending on how small your Town is, those nurses who know patients and their histories well. Who know the family dynamics, know when the patient is not "themselves", how to convince a... Read More


Organizational Barriers to Professional Development for Nurses

By dan83 Existing research supports the notion that nurses poses an ongoing drive to acquire knowledge placing value on their own professional development and that healthcare organization play a role in hindering achieving professional development goals. This qualitative survey research study explores the... Read More


You Don't Know You're . . . Beautiful?

By i♥words I just completed my first week of nursing school. I have learned so many things about nurses that I didn't know before starting school. People out there in the non-nursing world don't really know what nurses do, and, the truth is, they can't know. Only a nurse knows how important her or his job is.... Read More


Nursing: A Broader Perspective

By The_Optimist After having come across several reasons as to why there is low morale in nursing, I felt that I should pen this down. Have a pleasant read! Your expectations? Some people come into nursing with unhealthy expectations of what the profession can and should do for them. Understand something,... Read More


Domestic Abuse Assessment

By opdahlamber I was so young when I got married the first time. At 19, I had no idea what I was getting into. Marrying a man 12 year my senior with a history of domestic assault; why would I ever think it wouldn't happen to me? Let me tell you how wrong I was and what I am going to do to help women like me. ... Read More


Advice to Nursing Students in Peds Rotation

By shelbs3 Alright I have been on days now for about 3 months and have had a nursing student placed with me more often than not. I have a different one every day for the last 3 days. I work in peds heme onc and I absolutely love it. I enjoy having students and the charges know I am more than willing to have... Read More


My nursing school story

By ORnurseCT When I was accepted to nursing school everyone had some advice to offer, whether or not I wanted to hear it. The OR nurses told me the floors are horrible but its only two years during school.The floor nurses told me medical/surgical is where every new grad should start. Everyone told me it was the... Read More


Transplant Thanksgiving

By canesdukegirl It’s my turn to work this Thanksgiving. Although I am disappointed that I will not be having dinner with my husband, I knew that we would only be doing emergency cases in the OR. Expecting a relatively light working day, I swipe my badge and enter the locker room to change into scrubs. My... Read More


Jocularity at its Finest: A Hilarious Account of Misinterpretation

By canesdukegirl Beth slammed her locker closed, and adjusted her green scrubs. She pulled a blue bouffant cap over her hair and stepped into the OR hallway. As she made her way to the front desk, her work clogs echoed in the deserted hallway. She picked up the posting slips labeled for her room, and flipped... Read More


The average time Nurse Managers spend in meetings is 38 hours per week.

By MshawSVS Do you lament that meetings are time consuming and can be wasteful activities. With the average number of hours spent per week in meetings equating to 76% of nurse managers time it's no wonder. We tested this out and came up with three tops tips for curbing meeting overload. There's just got to be... Read More


Shockingly Humbled

By canesdukegirl “She’s crashing!” yells the second year anesthesiology resident. His high pitched voice slices through the alarms that pierce the green tiled operating room. His forehead creases, and his eyes are wild as he rapidly glances from his patient to the monitor. His meaty hands awkwardly search for... Read More

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