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Case Study: Fever

By juan de la cruz - The following is a case involving a patient with fever. As the case evolves, I will present assessment findings, lab results, and diagnostic results in the hope of eliciting responses on how we would approach the care of this patient. I’m extending this to multiple parts and it may drag on for... Read More

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I am being disciplined. What Now?

By jadelpn - There are many, many reasons why a nurse will find themselves in front of a manager. Some reasons more clear cut than others. Discipline proccesses are easily escalated to emotionally charged events. A few tips to try and keep your cool, keep you job, or move on to another area that will value... Read More


Drawing the Line: Shutting Down Verbal Abuse

By canesdukegirl - It's 3 p.m. The witching hour for any operating room. As our medical director makes rounds, he tallies up how many late rooms are running, and compares that to how many surgical and anesthesia staff we have available to run the late rooms. If the numbers don't add up, then cases are put on... Read More


ARDS: Should we be prone to prone?

By juan de la cruz - This author's goal is to present the results of a large randomized study on the beneficial effects of prone positioning in preventing mortality in ARDS recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The author hopes to elicit a discussion of these results especially in terms of it's... Read More


Less Common Nursing Interview Questions (Part 1 of 4)

By TheCommuter - Many local job markets across the United States contain multiple job seekers competing for relatively few available positions. As a result, hiring managers are screening applicants like hawks and asking tougher interview questions than ever before to weed out the masses of candidates. This article... Read More


The Many Relationships Spirituality has Impacted

By TiffanyMichelle - When we were younger many of us did not quite comprehend all the complexities, qualms, strengths, and weaknesses of our family. But, before you know it, you feel you are an integral part of your whole family dynamic even though you had been all along. As I continue to grow and find my way in this... Read More


I'm just not that into you

By jadelpn - Interpersonal skills are an important part of nursing. Interpersonal skills is described as the art of communication. It is communication between nurse and nurse, nurse and MD, nurse and patient. It is our ability to speak clearly and well, along with some active listening and really... Read More


No Man is an Island: Musings on Grief, Bonding, and Candy

By CheesePotato - Although I am not ready to talk about what happened, I find that I am at last able to organize my thoughts enough to form a coherent sentence. Kinda. In "real life" and the workplace, I have been muzzy brained, turbulent, and just not myself. And in spite of all that, I was welcomed "home". I... Read More


Critical Thinking

By jadelpn - Critical thinkers want to be clear. They want to be logical. Nurses want to be accurate and precise in their practice. It is safe practice and in a patient's best interest. So how does one become a critical thinker? A nurse needs to learn how to be fair and actively listening to their... Read More


You don't just stop being a nurse.

By pinkiepieRN - You aren't any less of a professional just because you stopped going to work every day. I wouldn't say that nursing is my 'calling', but being a nurse is part of who I am and it would take a lot to change or take that out of me. You can take the nurse out of the care provider role, but you can't... Read More


Solve A Neurologic Mystery

By juan de la cruz - This is a case study involving an elderly female with complex medical history who presented with altered mental status of unclear etiology. The patient in this case is unable to give a history. There are no reliable sources who witnessed the events leading to her presentation making it more... Read More


Nursing Hostility and Other Nonsense

By RegisteredNuisance - In my short career as a nurse I've seen some terrible behavior among nurses, and I'd like to share my take on things. I've only been a year for two years, and working as a nurse for 13 but in that short amount of time, I've seen an astounding amount of hostility between my coworkers and... Read More


Rate Your Pain

By jadelpn - There's all sorts of pain. There's physical, emotional or a combination of both (and probably a lot more descriptive words that can be used). The most difficult part of pain for a nurse is to put aside some of their own thoughts, and focus on patients as a whole. Pain control is complex. So... Read More


Online, but not Out of Touch

By Sea_of_Roses - The faculty said the Associates degree nursing program was “extremely vigorous” but if you ask me that was putting it lightly. While my friends went to sandy beaches for spring break I stood home surrounded by mountains of flash cards, textbooks, and enough anxiety to make a Buddhist monk pull his... Read More


Love in a Time of Hospitals

By molly.hershman - As a nurse, you have to prepare yourself for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Also, you should probably take some time to steel yourself against the smelly, the disgusting, the offensive, the exhilarating, and the exhausting. And wait, did I forget to mention the terrifying, the grotesque, the... Read More


Respect your bladder

By decgrad - An article on the most important lesson I learned during my first year as a nurse. Physical distress can augment our stress levels and a full and overfull bladder is often ignored by nurses as being prioritizable into their workload. As we are always looking for ways to improve nursing care, I... Read More


Be a renal nurse and not work a day in your life

By abbyrenalRN - "I've never been this happy." As said by a patient given love and care by his dialysis nurse. a phrase that will tickle any ear specially if heard from a man, a father, very weak, on hemodialysis for 2 years but knows he may die anytime even if he sits on a lazy-boy chair for hours with his blood... Read More


How We Can Make the Difference

By LoveNeverDies - A friends mother, who I loved very much, recently lost a hard battle with cancer and the healthcare team made a large impact to the family and friends. I never knew the impact I could have on the families' as an aide, student, or nurse. I would like to thank everyone who does this every day, and... Read More