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Nursing Judgement does not equate a Nurse's judgement

By jadelpn - There have been multiple threads as of late pertaining to ethical and/or moral boundries that nurses are seemingly unable or unwilling to cross. Based on what seems to be one's own personal beliefs. It is difficult to put on one's nursing hat and do one's job without judgement. But it can be... Read More


Mental Illness: A Family Affair

By NurseDirtyBird - I was born into a tumultuous family. My father, scarred by his own childhood and my mother, a survivor of her mother's suicide and abuse at the hand of her father, met, married, and I came along soon after. During their brief marriage, my mother was admitted to a psychiatric unit three times, and... Read More


Nurses - The Unsung Heroes

By tnbutterfly - Once again it is National Nurses Day and the start of National Nurses Week, which always begins on May 6 and goes through May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. This is the week set aside to recognize the contributions and commitments nurses make, a time to educate the public about the... Read More


From Raised In America to Nursing in the Philippines: The Discipline of a Lifetime

By lyly - Once upon a time, I encountered the most unexpected milestone of my life… I still find it a blessing that after 4 years, I was able to sacrifice my time and effort to leave California and adjust to life in the Philippines. I still remember my first day as a college freshman. I was... Read More


I Hate Being Bipolar. It's AWESOME!

By VivaLasViejas - Once known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is a serious but treatable mental illness that's become better known in recent years, thanks to the creative geniuses and glamorous stars who have gone public with their diagnoses. However, very few people talk about what it's really like to live... Read More


To The Beginning

By SoldierNurse22 - It was a chilly spring day, the wan sunlight trickling over the rooftops of houses and through new spring leaves as it slipped toward the western horizon. My Dad and I, out for a Sunday afternoon stroll in the neighborhood, pressed up a steep hill that opened from the residential neighborhood into... Read More


Getting back in the saddle again

By pinkiepieRN - This is a story about returning to the field of clinical nursing after quite some time off. Leaving the clinical environment wasn't the best decision I've ever made, but it did save me from completely burning out. It's been a lot easier than I expected and I wanted to share that there is hope out... Read More


Death is a journey

By jadelpn - When you are a nurse who takes care of patients who are actively dying, it can be not only very rewarding, but a profound experience of the heart, mind and spirit. It is a process. And like any process, needs a guide. And as nurses, you may find yourself a guide into a patient's whole being.... Read More


Coming out of the darkness

By BCgradnurse - The birth of a child is supposed to be one of the happiest times of a woman's life. Sadly, for approximately 15% of women, it can be the exact opposite. Postpartum depression is a recognized mental health disorder that has gained greater awareness in recent years. Here is the story of one new... Read More


I ask for "nothing".

By CheesePotato - When it comes to nursing, I respect the profession for what it is, what it has been, and where it is headed. Am I proud to be part of the profession? Sure, in a subtle, I'm proud my hair is long kind of way. I own no nursing paraphernalia. I do not announce what I do readily at meet n' greets... Read More


When is it appropriate to share faith at work?: One nurse's story

By NF_eyenurse - As nurses, we wear many hats. To name a few: we are caregivers, providers, assessors, comforters, encouragers, teachers, an ear to listen. Are we to be evangelists or preachers? In my opinion, no and....yes. I believe that it is appropriate to share my faith when the patient has already started the... Read More


Advice for First semester nursing students!!!!!!

By tabz4u2 - The first semester of Nursing school is considered the "shocker" courses, because that is exactly what it is, a shocker. However, with adequate rest, creating good study habits at the beginning of the semester, you will be able to succeed. I found that I was struggling for a while, until I finally... Read More


Mental Illness--Debunking the myths/sharing some insight..

By jadelpn - Mental illness. It is an often misunderstood series of brain disorders that often nurses roll their eyes at, decline to care for, or do so under duress. If a nurse takes a moment to really think through some of the more commonly seen disorders, it can change the way that mentally ill people are... Read More


Tips for surviving the 1st Semester of Nursing School

By man-nurse2b - So you completed your prerequisites, submitted your application, aced the interview and got your official acceptance letter then it hits you like a Mack Truck; the first semester of nursing school. This article gives new nursing students tips on how to survive the first semester of nursing school... Read More


Out With It

By wish_me_luck - I sat there in library working on one of my many papers and projects that I had due. I was exhausted--exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally; I was done with it. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind to kill myself. I finished what I was doing and packed my materials up for the day and went... Read More


For Whom The Bell Tolls

By VivaLasViejas - As my favorite author, Erma Bombeck, once said: "There is no way that your foot will ever get well as long as there is a horse standing on it." In my case, that means I won't get well until there is less stress in my life, and the only way to have less stress in my life is to get away from its... Read More


My travels down the path of mental illness towards wellness and health.

By pinkiepieRN - Ironically, it was nursing school that made me realize that my symptoms of self-perceived madness weren't just eccentricities. I'm sure we all were self diagnosed hypochondriacs but the shoes actually fit and it clicked that I was the symptoms and cluster of behaviors that I'd wondered about in my... Read More


Mental Health Awareness Month

By VivaLasViejas - As relatively few outside the mental health community know, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. During the next few weeks, I hope AN members will join me in sharing information and educating ourselves and others about psychiatric illness and its costly---and often devastating---consequences to... Read More