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Shockingly Humbled

By canesdukegirl Oftentimes, we find ourselves in extreme circumstances. As nurse leaders, we feel confident in taking charge of emergent situations. When we feel strongly about patient care, we can be quite assertive. Sometimes, we are humbled by the outcome. Read More


Death and All His Friends

By molly.hershman Death is the guy no one invited to the party, and yet he always shows up. In healthcare, death is the enemy, but how hard can you fight something that lurks in the corner of a hospital floor? And more importantly, how do you stay strong and... Read More


The Insanity that is APA in Nursing School

By The_Optimist As with most things in life, there are rules to be followed or there would be chaos! In Nursing, APA format is one such rule and we welcome it; what we detest is the inflexibility of it as wielded by most instructors. And against this, I am... Read More



By jadelpn IS the best medicine. When was the last time you laughed hard and smiled often in your profession? As nurses, we can set a tone for a pleasant work enviroment. To lighten the mood, can it increase team work, and decrease stress on a unit? Read More


How to get an "A" in any course.

By queserasera Whether you're a seasoned pre-nursing student or just starting out these easy to follow steps can launch you into academic success. Take a new approach to your daily routine, make time for yourself and never fall behind in a class again. These study... Read More


My Journey into Nursing

By greg0421 Hello. My name is Greg and I am a Male nursing student. This article is an essay chronicling my first clinical experience in an emergency room. When entering the clinical setting everything takes on a completely different meaning. Another... Read More


How Far Can You Nurse?

By jerolez Nursing is everything, as a whole but we can never draw a line between science and religion for an ill patient's will. This is a story of a patient whose religious belief matters most for his preparation towards death that between science and... Read More


New Grad Job Market: A Game of Chance

By sourapril Someone smart once said: "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." This article talks about the unhealthy trend of newly licensed RNs applying to numerous job postings for months and years without... Read More


The Eagle Has Landed

By VivaLasViejas The anatomy of a manic episode by a nurse who lives with bipolar disorder in its many inglorious manifestations. Why, oh why do I enjoy this madness so much.....and why in the name of all that is reasonable do I think I can keep it leashed by sheer... Read More


NCLEX Rules - Please Follow Them!

By BloomNurseRN Lately I have read more than one thread on allnurses that includes a poster state they broke or skirted one of the NCLEX rules because they "didn't know." Not knowing is not an excuse. All of the rules are available on the NCSBN website but this... Read More


Reflection-healthcare quality and safety

By gypsyd8 The following reflection will describe my understanding of the current status of health care quality and safety and my ideas for the best way to improve patient safety. I am just finishing my third semester of the Masters of Science in Nursing... Read More


Cruel Summer

By VivaLasViejas During this strange, sad summer of 2013, a fifty-something nurse in the middle of a seismic shift in life circumstances finds that her ability to safely practice her profession has changed as well. This is a story of heartbreak, of fear of the... Read More


Silver Lining

By canesdukegirl Busy days and chaotic circumstances oftentimes lead to "reactive" instead of "proactive" mindsets. As nurses, our first priority is our patients. It's difficult to keep this in mind when we have so many things demanding our attention. This article... Read More


Who's afraid of the ICU?

By Trissity After working three years in the ICU, I want to share my experience of starting out, and how I quickly realized how very little I knew about critical care. Hopefully my story can prevent some of the arrogant mistakes that I made. Read More


2013 Superbug

By MassED In my perusal of the daily internet news, I come across a headline of “superbug” that both captivates and horrifies me. I should be doing chores, studying, or a multitude of other things on my day off from work, but this necessitates more... Read More


Why nurses don't want to be identified in public?

By Mully This is a true, dramatized story to help highlight something important I learned in my first year of nursing. I remember hearing nurses tell stories about being in the public and not wanting anyone to know that they are a nurse. I always thought... Read More


Help I'm sinking in email quicksand!

By MshawSVS Drowning in emails, death by meaningless meetings, putting out spot fires and it's not even 7am! 84% of nurse managers feel they are struggling with workload. It seems that the time it takes to deal with emails and meetings are overtaking HR as the... Read More


Little is Definite, 100% of the Time

By jadelpn Or things are not definite, indefinitely. To make the most of nursing practice, it is important to know about your policies, your procedures, your scope. Communication is important. If you don't know, then you need to know where you can go to find... Read More


Instant Gratification

By jadelpn Instant gratification is the act of wanting something and the expectation is that you are rewarded immediately. In nursing, there are often multiple generations working in the same unit. Seasoned nurses can find wanting instant gratification a... Read More


Social Media and you

By jadelpn And when I say "you", as nurses we are really two "yous" the nursing you and the personal you. And why sometimes, never the two should meet. Social media can marry the professional you with the personal you. And not always with the intended... Read More

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