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Yet another holiday, some musings about family.

By uRNmyway - Having completely uprooted my life not that long ago, I have often sat feeling sorry for myself because of how lonely I've been. I recently just realized how much AllNurses has done for me to get me out of that funk. If I am lonely, I come on and socialize. If I am upset, I come and vent to you guys. If I have a question, I know someone will have awesome advice for me. Like my family, there are a few here I look up to greatly.... Read More


An Amercian RN learns to read with his heart and not his eyes.

By kayakrn7 - Frequently a close friend of mine, a young physician in Haiti, posts comments on a Web and Facebook page associated with a volunteer medical organization I co-founded to improve access to Child and Maternal Health Care in rural Haiti through the creation of sustainable Haitian run health care and of which he is the Medical Director. Here is a recent post he wrote after a weeklong rural medical mission sponsored by donations from our... Read More


Everything I Know About Life.......

By VivaLasViejas - Am I the only person around here who's sappy enough to have owned a copy of that adorable poster with all the things someone learned about life in kindergarten? As cliche'd as it all sounds now, I've never forgotten such pithy sayings as "Hold hands when you're crossing the street" and "Wash your hands BEFORE you go to the bathroom". Oh, wait.....that was nursing school, not kindergarten. Oops. I was trying to focus on my weekly... Read More


Innovative Nursing Part Deux: Being Genuinely Present

By CheesePotato - You've heard me say it before and I cannot help but believe firmly that it merits repeating: I work with some incredible people. Now let's keep it real, they are merely people the same as the rest of us--but for some reason I am fortunate enough to bear witness to their moments of magnificence. Meet James. Jim, Jimmy when he's cheeky, or Jimbo when I'm feeling deeply entrenched in my southern roots. No--No, Jim. Stoppit. Get... Read More


Can I Work as a Certified Nursing Assistant or Medical Assistant While in School?

By TheCommuter - Imagine you are a nursing student who wants to start accruing healthcare experience now. However, volunteering at a hospital or nursing home might be totally out of the question because you need to be paid for the services that you render. Volunteer experience is valuable in many ways, but let's face it: the unpaid experience will not keep the bill collectors away. If you are a nursing student, you have several employment options at... Read More


Perspective: My Path to Nursing and Beyond

By Tait - Back in 2000 I was a a failing science major. My ideal career at the time was a double major in Physics and Chemistry. In 1996, after failing even choir, the only words on my mind were "Academic Bankruptcy". Bouncing in and out of community centers for the next few years was basically my attempt at finding a path, but instead finding nothing but slowly mounting student debt. Around 2000 I was dating a mediocre man who suggested I... Read More


You Can't Go Home Again

By VivaLasViejas - I'd been promising my former co-workers for two years that I'd stop by the old nursing home to see everybody and say Hi. Yet I hadn't, even though I went by there at least twice a month and waved as I drove past, saying "Hi, Mariah!" "Hi, Terri!" "Hi, Brenda!" and mentally running down the list of friends I'd made during my tenure there. Here's why these things never work out the way you expect when you finally stop talking about it... Read More


Problems a CNA May Face

By kacie.knyvett - Though I may not consider myself as highly experienced certified nursing assistant, but my three-years of working have taught me a lot about the other side of this occupation. In this short span of career, I have faced many problems. Maybe, there are some more to come for me to handle it. For now, just out of the sense of camaraderie, I though about sharing my experiences on problems I faced initially, and how I got over it. Any... Read More


The Wicked Politics of Clinical Practicum in Nursing School

By TheCommuter - Nursing school is not always fair. And, in my honest opinion, the most unfair aspect of the nursing school experience is the clinical practicum portion, also known as ‘clinical rotations.’ Here is why. The grades that students earn in the classroom-based theoretical nursing courses are, in most cases, usually objective. Even though the professor who teaches the advanced medical/surgical nursing course might hold personal grudges... Read More


Sitters/CNA's: Thank you for "doing nothing"

By CheesePotato - Two mornings ago I received a distraught phone call from my mother telling me that my dad, who is suffering with end stage COPD, spine compression fractures, and a distinct lack of proper narcotic metabolism, became flighty, picky and squirrelly to such a point that he was assigned a sitter. Look, I've been around. I know what can be said about sitters. I know that for every one that understands the amount of sheer effort and work... Read More


Work is Hazardous to My Health

By MunkiRN - I almost died today. A man comes into my busy level 1 trauma center with ALOC and no known cause. The sister says he has had a fever for the last couple of days and developed hives yesterday. The paramedics think he probably overdosed on benadryl and is just sleeping it off. If only that had been true. When we realize this man isn't getting any better, becoming more somnolent and suddenly tachy, the benadryl OD dream comes crashing... Read More


Human Misery, Human Victory

By TheCommuter - For starters, I work as a staff nurse at a specialty rehab hospital. Rehabilitation nursing involves assisting patients and their families to manage short-term, progressive, and long-term impediments and disabilities in ways that constructively facilitate the highest level of function possible. My place of employment receives a substantial share of patients who are disabled as the result of cerebrovascular accident (CVA), better... Read More


A Plea to Nurses Everywhere

By SarahLeeRN - I don’t seem to process everything that I see, hear and do at work until I am home. My lack of reflection until later might have something to do with running around like a Looney Tunes character for eight or more hours caring for the sick. It is difficult to be reflective when life has to be lived so much in the moment. But after the last IV has been hung, the last lab value dealt with, the last medication given and the last note... Read More


A Place to Call Home

By jaelpn - My name is Julie- I've been employed at S***** since January 2009. I am the full-time LPN in the evening. Throughout these last four years, I've come to learn about many life stories of my friends that have come to know S***** as "Home". Those first few weeks are hard on any new resident that comes to live in an unfamiliar place. I've seen someone who has become angry with the family, wanting to leave and 'go home' ...begin to open... Read More


The Patient Who Receives No Visits

By TheCommuter - I’m certain that every nurse who has ever worked at the bedside has provided care for the patient who never seems to receive any visitors. In fact, the roles were reversed nearly five years ago when I was the patient laying in a bed on a women’s medical/surgical unit at a community hospital in a large city. Even though my inpatient hospital stay was a swift overnight affair, I received no visitors. The facility was located almost... Read More


Tying Patient Satisfaction to Medicare Reimbursement is Problematic

By TheCommuter - Patient satisfaction surveys have been receiving an amplified amount of attention at hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities, especially since the results of these reviews now have a significant effect on Medicare reimbursement. Valuable information can be gleaned from the comments and feedback that patients provide when they fill out and return the surveys to the facilities where they previously received care. In... Read More


You See, It's Like This........

By VivaLasViejas - "Hey, you should've been there when I finally let Arwen have it," Sarah (not her real name) tells me as we sit down in the nondescript break room of our assisted living facility to sip go-go juice and discuss our weekends. She's telling me this because I think her live-in dipwad---excuse me, significant other---is a horse's patootie who sponges off her and treats her like last week's garbage. "You'd have been proud of me...I threw all... Read More


Legal Food For Thought During the First Year of Nursing (and Beyond)

By TheCommuter - The first year of nursing is, in countless cases, also one of the most challenging years of a nurse's career because many different events are taking place. First of all, a significant number of newer nurses are acquiring the procedural skills that they did not fully cover in their nursing school clinical rotations, especially if one is immediately transitioning into a highly specialized area as a first healthcare job. Secondly,... Read More