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I took NCLEX here are my TIPS!

By CRNA2b-2017 - They say the exam is not a feel good exam! You come out there not feeling good and feeling mentally drained. This is why you see most people post saying they thought they failed. I felt so sick after ... stomach was turning... Most people relax after PVT. I took the exam with 91 questions. The... Read More

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Time served on a waitlist

By servewithlove - This article is about the time I spent on a waitlist for a nursing program. It was a life changing event for me. It introduced me to this site and I have since then learned a lot from all the wonderful nurses and nurses to be here. I have found that it is even more interesting spending time on here... Read More


Forensic Psychiatric Nursing: A Unique APRN Opportunity

By Psychcns - This is an article about my locum tenens assignment at a state run psychiatric forensic facility. Patients are committed here for an average of seven years. As a provider, with a two month assignment, I learned about patients who have crossed the line into criminal activity during psychiatric... Read More


Tips and Tricks on How to Get a Job as a New Graduate RN!

By ashleyrosesf - Most of us entered nursing school with promises of the ease in finding work upon graduation only to find our hopes shaken by the surge of negativity in the job market. We're bombarded with stories of people telling us that it's extremely hard to impossible to find a job, that we should settle for... Read More


Case Study: Cyanosis

By blondy2061h - Juan de la Cruz's excellent case studies lately has inspired me to share an interesting one I saw several years ago. The details have been changed to protect privacy, but the foundation of the case is based on a real patient. I hope it's okay that I have borrowed Juan's format. Background... Read More


Keys to Studying better using your Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic talents

By ArrowRN - Ever had a horrible professor? Yes we all can attest to having that terrible boring professor that made us fail the test or did they? If so, why did your classmates Ace the test? Well it might not be that the professor was horrible, itís just that he or she did not appeal to your learning style. A... Read More


Case Study: Fever

By juan de la cruz - The following is a case involving a patient with fever. As the case evolves, I will present assessment findings, lab results, and diagnostic results in the hope of eliciting responses on how we would approach the care of this patient. Iím extending this to multiple parts and it may drag on for... Read More


I am being disciplined. What Now?

By jadelpn - There are many, many reasons why a nurse will find themselves in front of a manager. Some reasons more clear cut than others. Discipline proccesses are easily escalated to emotionally charged events. A few tips to try and keep your cool, keep you job, or move on to another area that will value... Read More


Drawing the Line: Shutting Down Verbal Abuse

By canesdukegirl - It's 3 p.m. The witching hour for any operating room. As our medical director makes rounds, he tallies up how many late rooms are running, and compares that to how many surgical and anesthesia staff we have available to run the late rooms. If the numbers don't add up, then cases are put on... Read More


The Best Defense is a Good Offense

By jadelpn - There are many examples of when a nurse feels defensive in their practice. Sometimes, the best nurses fall into a habit of reaction that seems like a defensive response to questioning. Sometimes, the best nurses have "used up" most of their coping mechanisms, and are left feeling overwhelmed and... Read More


A day in the Life of A Nursing Student

By aoyak - Indeed, it is hard, and you wouldnít hear otherwise from someone who has been through the journey. Nevertheless, if your love for nursing is primarily for the love of maintaining, restoring, and improving health, despite the unpleasantness which is evident on the job, the struggles will be worth... Read More


Back In The Saddle Again

By VivaLasViejas - With apologies for the Old West metaphors.....I am, indeed, back in the saddle again as a floor nurse. And as sore as my old bones are from the unaccustomed exertions of this past week, it's a good kind of tired that reminds me of what it was like to be a nurse. As expected, it hasn't taken me... Read More


Negative Self Talk

By jadelpn - We all get stressed at one time or another. But how we manage stress is an important part of being one's best self--both on the job and in our daily lives. Compassion, strength, ethical behavior--these are tall orders on a daily basis with many outside forces to conform to. If we remember that... Read More


A Time to Heal

By VivaLasViejas - As hard as it is to admit even now---two months after my career crashed and burned in a rather spectacular flameout that my former co-workers are reportedly still talking about---there's something to be said about the experience of it. (Much of it isn't printable.....but I digress.) I didn't enjoy... Read More



By SoldierNurse22 - I squinted, opening my eyes into the direct light of the sun. I immediately averted my gaze to the right, my attention held firmly by the rising quarrel among the seven children in the pool. Their mothers, lingering outside the pool gate in their cars, smoking cigarettes and talking angrily on... Read More


You don't just stop being a nurse.

By pinkiepieRN - You aren't any less of a professional just because you stopped going to work every day. I wouldn't say that nursing is my 'calling', but being a nurse is part of who I am and it would take a lot to change or take that out of me. You can take the nurse out of the care provider role, but you can't... Read More


Solve A Neurologic Mystery

By juan de la cruz - This is a case study involving an elderly female with complex medical history who presented with altered mental status of unclear etiology. The patient in this case is unable to give a history. There are no reliable sources who witnessed the events leading to her presentation making it more... Read More


Nursing Hostility and Other Nonsense

By RegisteredNuisance - In my short career as a nurse I've seen some terrible behavior among nurses, and I'd like to share my take on things. I've only been a year for two years, and working as a nurse for 13 but in that short amount of time, I've seen an astounding amount of hostility between my coworkers and... Read More