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The beginning of a nursing student

By Cheripk - Overall this is just a short a article about the steps many of us have taken to become a nursing student. The article is just a general view of how some of us may have felt and experienced but not all of us. Hope everyone enjoys the read! I tried to proof read as best I could but if there are some... Read More


Help! I've fallen behind in reading and I can't get up

By man-nurse2b - This article covers the biggest cliche question of all time: Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Well in the case of a nursing student, to read first or not to read and just do questions first? That has always been the question when one delves into the best ways to study. Either way you... Read More


10 camp lessons.

By big al lpn - My first year as a camp nurse I spent hours learning everything I could about my new job. I read the book, looked at all the websites, and browsed every forum. I was disappointed to find so little information on camp nursing. I have come to realize there are several reasons behind the lack of... Read More


Job Hunting: Let The Games Begin!

By VivaLasViejas - Looking for a new job in today's market is quite an adventure, especially if you're an older nurse with a few dings and dents in your employment record. It's sort of like searching for Easter eggs in tall grass: you may very well find a treasure, but there's always the risk of coming up with a... Read More


A Camp health center is like a septic system

By big al lpn - Words of wisdom, and wit regarding the nurses role in camp.Over the past few years I have developed several colorful sayings that I think encapsulate camp life as a nurse. One I told to my camp director on the first week during lunch when she asked me what I thought the role of the health center... Read More


Fired After Fifty: Redux

By VivaLasViejas - Several years ago when I was laid off from my LTC job due to low census, I remember despairing of ever finding another job. I was in my early fifties then. At the time I had a bad knee that had ended my floor career despite surgery, and to add insult to injury I'd gained thirty pounds due to... Read More


How to Handle Night Shift Challenges as a CNA

By kacie.knyvett - Night shift is the most challenging time to work be it any profession. Since we are going against the routine procedure, our body is not made for, experiencing certain health problems is natural once you start working in the night shift. As we are working during the time when our body and mind need... Read More


Stuck In The Middle With You

By SoldierNurse22 - Eight of us sat in a small conference room on the 4th floor. The sun shone outside on a perfect spring morning. Birds were probably chirping, worms were likely smiling as they aerated the dewy soil, and the woodland animals that made their home around my small MEDDAC were surely commenting in... Read More


The Dreaded NCLEX-PN; to be or not to be?

By erica_LVN - We enter nursing school with an open mind, and open heart. There is this determination that is instilled in every nursing student when they receive that call, or that letter; letting us know we have been accepted into a nursing program. It begins, the journey begins. The journey to become a... Read More


Are you a victim?

By queserasera - A professor in my past semester at college left a very powerful idea with me, one that I think can really benefit a lot of people on this board. I walked into my first day of Anatomy & Physiology this past semester, and I was nervous. I sat in the front of the class and waited for a professor... Read More


allnurses got me into Nursing School

By kskaggs126 - I know there are many opposing opinions in regards to private/ for-profit/ community college/ university/ ADN/ BSN schools and degrees, but I just wanted to say that thanks to AN, I have been able to research, visit, take an entrance exam, submit an application, and be accepted to the nursing... Read More


How to Survive the Job Search

By JeanettePNP - It’s a game. The job search and all that it entails is a game. It might not be a game that you enjoy or are very good at, but like it or not you must learn to play. Imagine if I told you that getting a nursing job depends on how good you are at tennis. But I hate tennis. I’m not good at tennis. If... Read More


Customer Service Model

By jadelpn - I am of the belief that no one goes into nursing because they believe it is the "easiest job in the world". Each nurse goes through so much to be in a place to care for others at their worst. And speaking of worst, is a customer care model complete with scripting something good for... Read More


So, when are you going to get your RN?

By jadelpn - If most LPN's had a dime for each time they heard those words, we would all be rich, and not have to work at all. LPN's are an intergral part of a health care team. They have a place in nursing. We can never discount that for some, becoming an LPN was the goal. And that we can be happy and... Read More


The Knight and the Windmills of Nursing

By cav5 - I am never a better nurse than when I have just been a patient. A recent ER visit highlighted this fact. I was in pain, anxious, and very very tired of being sick for the past year. I will stress quite clearly that I do not like being on the gurney side of a hospital bed and that, coupled with my... Read More


Life and Death

By jadelpn - As nurses, there are some times that we all have to take care of patients who, due to circumstance, due to mental anguish, due to mental illness, or a combination of all of these things are desperately seeking ways to end their life. On the same shift, or in the same week, or in the same day we... Read More


Professional Organization Conference

By gypsyd8 - I was required to attend this conference for my Advanced Decision Making: Nursing Issues class. I was also required to write about it. What I saw at the conference made skin crawl, and I made the mistake of being honest in the write up. I have removed identifying information and names to protect... Read More


Advice to the Younger Nurse Me

By SarahLeeRN - “This is what reality shock feels like,” I thought to myself as I stared at the little confused old man sitting on the edge of his bed, covered in blood from the IV that he just pulled out. It was quarter to eleven at night and I still had two more people who needed medications, foley catheters to... Read More