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Sweating The Small Stuff

By cool_nurse - As my remaining months in the hospital comes to a close (for my 2-year work experience goal), a few disturbing happenings occurred during my hospital duties. The following are the scenarios in which the consultants SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. Scenario 1 (July 2013) A 39-week pregnant mother was scheduled for CS or Caesarian Section at 4 am in the morning. Yes, it was 4 am since the morning OR theater rooms are filled for the morning's... Read More


A pushy God and mother.

By ninnieof02 - The fragments of what make up a life happen year to year. I wrote this short story about the journey God took me down to find nursing and the trials I experienced along the way. Despite the challenges, I also had so much encouragement on my path and couldn’t be finishing my education if it wasn’t for my wonderful fiancé and all of his support. I left a lucrative night club management position and now I am an LPN and in school for my... Read More


I cried in the chapel for the first time...

By tokebi - In the past ten years of nursing, I never cried for a patient. It's not that I am cold or unfeeling. I do often get comments from patients how "nice" or "gentle" I am. While I do care greatly, I just don't get overcome with emotions at work. But a few nights ago, I ran away to our hospital chapel (during my break) and sat there, crying. I did not go there to pray -- I am not religious -- but I just needed some solitude. So what... Read More


You Don't Know You're . . . Beautiful?

By i♥words - I just completed my first week of nursing school. I have learned so many things about nurses that I didn't know before starting school. People out there in the non-nursing world don't really know what nurses do, and, the truth is, they can't know. Only a nurse knows how important her or his job is. Only a nurse knows how much time and planning and sweat and tears are put into her or his work. Beyond the skills, the charting, and the... Read More


Nursing: A Broader Perspective

By The_Optimist - After having come across several reasons as to why there is low morale in nursing, I felt that I should pen this down. Have a pleasant read! Your expectations? Some people come into nursing with unhealthy expectations of what the profession can and should do for them. Understand something, nursing like any other is a profession. It would not provide for you what you don’t already have (inner peace and fulfillment). It has... Read More


Domestic Abuse Assessment

By futurenursgteacher - I was all of 18 when I met my first husband. It was three days after 9/11 and my stepmother had just kicked me out of the house. I had no place to go. I went out with a girlfriend and met this charming, leather-clad man at the bar. I ended up drinking way too much and slept on his couch for three days while he convinced me how truly precious I was and how he just knew I was the one woman who could make him a better man. ... Read More


Advice to Nursing Students in Peds Rotation

By shelbs3 - Alright I have been on days now for about 3 months and have had a nursing student placed with me more often than not. I have a different one every day for the last 3 days. I work in peds heme onc and I absolutely love it. I enjoy having students and the charges know I am more than willing to have one with me and will do my best to make their day a learning experience but I have some advice to students. -If I am up doing something with... Read More


My nursing school story

By ORnurseCT - When I was accepted to nursing school everyone had some advice to offer, whether or not I wanted to hear it. The OR nurses told me the floors are horrible but its only two years during school.The floor nurses told me medical/surgical is where every new grad should start. Everyone told me it was the hardest thing I would ever do. I wrote this article because I wanted to share my experiences and let others know nursing school isn’t what... Read More


Transplant Thanksgiving

By canesdukegirl - It’s my turn to work this Thanksgiving. Although I am disappointed that I will not be having dinner with my husband, I knew that we would only be doing emergency cases in the OR. Expecting a relatively light working day, I swipe my badge and enter the locker room to change into scrubs. My trauma pager beeps almost as soon as I clip it onto the waistband of my scrubs. Reading the small screen of the pager, I decipher the... Read More


Playing With Fire: Seeing "Noncompliance" In A New Light

By VivaLasViejas - I guess it was meant to happen. Another failed experiment....another life lesson learned. Like most people in the healthcare professions, I make a lousy patient. I sometimes skip doctor visits and manipulate my medication schedule to suit my convenience. I don't always follow the guidelines I've been given for healthy living, such as getting proper amounts of sleep or wearing my amber glasses in the evening to trick my brain into... Read More


Transferred in From Another Unit

By Paeyi - One day, as I walked in to my workplace after my long leave, I noticed a new patient in my ward. Actually, she is not new to the hospital, this lady has been staying in another unit for nearly a month due to non healing wound. I was deployed to that unit earlier on and the nurses there had labeled the patient "fussy". This patient's fussiness is notorious over the other unit. 2 hourly positioning for her is a nightmare for most of the... Read More


Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

By jadelpn - We never seem to be paid correctly for what we do, or what we perceive others do. Being in patient care, we are in the business of seeing people at their not so best and brightest. Patients need assistance. They may be fiercely independent but need a good shower. Bodies bleed, they smell, everyone poops, pees, and bodily fluids always seem to be in abundance. Elderly people need to go to the bathroom. A lot. People in pain need to... Read More


No Experience Necessary

By VivaLasViejas - I don't know about you, but I find perusing the job listings at my friendly local unemployment office to be quite entertaining. Where else could I find "opportunities" like working on an Alaskan fishing boat......becoming a cannery worker......learning how to make dentures? I wonder: who does that stuff? I worked on an assembly line in my way-back days and there simply wasn't enough in the job to occupy the mind (hence my frequent... Read More


How do you know that hospice is right for you?

By FlufferNutter - Currently, I am a nursing student. But, between experiences in a clinical setting as well as my own personal life, I feel like I want to be a hospice nurse. Does anybody have any advice for me regarding this? How does one go about becoming a certified Palliative care nurse? I currently work as a CNA, and I experienced my first death a few days ago. It was really hard for me, as people insisted on drawing blood and other diagnostic... Read More


Where Do I Go from Here?

By VivaLasViejas - Isn't it always the way that once you've gotten one HUGE problem under a semblance of control, another rears its ugly head? My husband and I just received a new lease on life......and now I have to figure out what to do about work. I had a very honest—and very upsetting—talk with my boss on the phone yesterday after we'd gotten the great news from the university hospital about hubby's stage IV pancreatic cancer being treatable after... Read More


Warm Fuzzies Story

By Blueorchid - Your story isn't unlike many others I've read, carefully reading the printed handwriting on your flow sheet as the night shift nurse gives me a detailed list of your injuries. You're young, I don't need to see your birth date to know that as I glance up from the cubby outside your room to look at your face, only nineteen years old and your first trip to a level one trauma center. You were the driver in the accident, I'll later see... Read More


New Grad RN Orientation

By mollie.v - I've only had experience working at a LTC facility, but I did have 3 semesters of clinicals at the hospital that I am currently employed at. It's been exciting and frightening, all at the same time. My first day orienting, I was 'shadowing' my preceptor. On my second day, I took on one patient and she wouldn't let me get into the charting until after we had given report off to the night shift. I offered to go ahead and chart and... Read More


Managing life outside of school...

By QueenAnnissa - I am about to enter the 1st semester of an ADN program and I'm curious how others with families manage home life. I'm married with 4 children, a 13 y.o. son, a 9 y.o. son, a 5 y.o. daughter and a 1 y.o. daughter. My husband is self-employed and runs a small manufacturing business in the converted barn on our property. (So he's physically close by, most of the time.) We live in a small farmhouse, that we love, but where nothing is level... Read More