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Nursing Educators/ Faculty

By VickyRN - Nurse educators meld clinical expertise with a passion for teaching to shape future generations of nurses and advance the profession of nursing. Nursing education is a rich and rewarding career choice. Nurse educators help aspiring nurses, novice nurses, and experienced nurses reach their career... Read More

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Compassion is a Commodity

By marshmallownurse - After five days off, I drive to work singing. I'm a little off-key, but the windows are up, and my favorite songs are all queued up in preparation for the forty or so minutes my car will take to weave through 1740 traffic on my way to a place that I used to call my sanctuary. I grew up in... Read More


Gastroenterology Nursing

By dianah - Another, and possibly little-known, specialty area utilizing nurses is that of Gastroenterology. The role of Gastroenterology Nurses continues to expand: RNs may work with patients directly or indirectly in The "GI Lab" assisting with endoscopic procedures: administering moderate sedation... Read More


Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired! - Frequent Sick Days and Tardiness

By madwife2002 - To continue my series of articles of the top ten reasons we get fired. #7 is concerned with healthcare workers who call off or are tardy on a frequent basis. We have all worked with people who are late every day, or call off all the time. These kind of workers can be particularly annoying to all... Read More


Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

By Meriwhen - Psychiatric nursing (also known as mental-health nursing) is the provision of nursing care to patients with mental illnesses. Thanks to the media and its frequently unflattering (and often not quite accurate) portrayals of psychiatric patients and nurses, psych nursing is often misaligned and... Read More


A Nurse Who Gives Thanks on the Thanksgiving Holiday

By TheCommuter - Nursing is a career pathway that allows the dedicated professionals within its ranks to impact society. I am a nurse who gives thanks on the Thanksgiving holiday because, even though we think we've gotten a raw deal, we must remain cognizant that we are doing tremendously better than many others... Read More


Supervising and delegating: Why I don't stay 3-4 hours late like the 3-11 supervisor

By pinkiepieRN - There's sometime a large amount of work that can't get done within an 8 hour time frame. Sometimes there's just fabricated busy work and when it interferes with MY staff, MY routine and MY house, it's a problem! There's only so much you can do in 8 hours and there's a reason why I'm there to... Read More


Operating Room / Perioperative Nursing

By tnbutterfly - Perioperative nurses are the nurses who are with the patient as they go through all levels of surgery. They are there to greet the anxious patient and their family upon arrival to the preoperative area. They remain with the patient throughout the surgical procedure, always keeping patient safety in... Read More


What a Union Can Do For You

By jadelpn - There seems to be more than one confusion on how a union can be of benefit to nurses. Especially when the grass seems so much greener on the other side. A union comes to a facility usually due to a group of nurses who decide that they want to have some say in their working conditions. A union... Read More


Neuroscience Nursing

By dianah - Skilled and dedicated nurses, helping patients using their knowledge and skills of Neuroscience Nursing, make an important difference to vulnerable patients of all ages who have neurological disorders. In the highly-specialized area of Neuroscience Nursing, nurses from RNs to FNPs care for... Read More


Foot Care Nursing - A Very Important Specialty for the LPN and RN

By sirI - This specialty area for nurses LPN and RN, Foot Care Nursing, is an all-important integral part of patient care. The Nurse must be very cognizant of changes in skin integrity; changes that could result in tragic circumstances including amputation of digits, feet, and limbs. There are many who... Read More

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Geriatric / Long Term Care Nursing

By TheCommuter - Geriatric / long term care nursing is a specialty that involves caring for patients who require an extended level of care due to chronic disease processes and long term disabilities. Long term care nurses manage patient care, perform various nursing skills, address changes in condition, provide... Read More


NICU Nursing

By traumaRUs - Neonatal nursing covers nursing of the neonate infants from birth to age 30 days as well as neonatal intensive care nursing and the neonatal step-down unit. Usually when one thinks of neonatal nursing, it is focused on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). As the age of viability has... Read More


As the holidays approach, remember the dialysis patients!

By madwife2002 - Often over the holiday time dialysis patients are admitted to the hospital, this can be due to fluid overload or problems connected to over eating. In my experience healthcare staff see dialysis patients as difficult, so my article is a brief look at how things can be hard for these patients during... Read More


The Cons of Working in Long Term Care

By TheCommuter - I worked as a floor nurse and supervisor in long term care (a.k.a. LTC, nursing homes, or aged care) on and off for six years. Last year I wrote two articles that placed a mostly positive spin on working in the LTC industry. This year I will attempt to balance the beam by discussing the drawbacks... Read More


Marketing as a Defense Legal Nurse Consultant: The Key to Success Part II

By sirI - Remember, this Article describes what the LNC needs while working with the Defense Attorney. Working with Defense Attorneys can be challenging, rewarding and at the same time, very frustrating. But you know you are helping to defend (advocate for) Nurses, Physicians and other practitioners. Your... Read More

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Being Thankful

By jadelpn - ...and dare I say celebrated? There will be times that we are spending a Thanksgiving with a patient (or 2, or 10). It is not what perhaps we choose to do, but what we do, put in our turn, do out due diligence. Most patients don't relish the thought of being in a hospital for a holiday. An... Read More


Marketing as a Legal Nurse Consultant: The Key to Success Part I

By sirI - Marketing is the key to success for any Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC). It is hard and many give up before they even get started. To be successful, you must be persistent, but you must get adequate rest as well. The Attorney-client needs the LNC and we can provide exactly what they need saving... Read More

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