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Methadone Clinic Nurses / Methadone Maintenance Treatment Nursing

Methadone maintenance treatment is a technique by which people who have opiate dependence receive... Read More


Seasonal Flu Shot Nurses / Immunization Nurses

The main task of the seasonal flu shot nurse is administering injections of the influenza (flu)... Read More

Direct Care Staff / Aides for the Developmentally Disabled

Direct care staff persons, also known as aides for the intellectually disabled, may disputably be... Read More

Agency Nursing

Agency nursing (sometimes known as registry nursing) is the provision of nursing services on behalf... Read More

Aesthetic/ Plastic Surgery Nurses

Plastic surgery is one of the fastest-growing healthcare specialties today. Aesthetic nurses... Read More

Performance Evaluations

There are at least 2 subtypes of performance reviews/evaluations. The title itself reveals a bit... Read More

Everyone Won't Succeed. And That's Okay!

Not everyone succeeds in the realm of higher education. This is not necessarily a bad thing because... Read More

A little Paper on Nursing Theory and Application

This is just a second year paper on a chosen nursing theory and its application to practice for a... Read More

Nursing Safe Harbor Rule

The Safe Harbor Rule (SHPR) is a nursing peer review process that can be initiated by a nurse when... Read More

Do Not Over-Share!

Bipolar disorder and other mental health issues are still very much stigmatized in many healthcare... Read More

Another Year of Blessings

Our own experiences as we age can help give us the perspective we need as we care for patients. We need to remember to look beyond their physical... Read More

YouTube Nurses and Nursing Students. My Top 10 List.

Like many others, I have benefited from Youtube both as a Nursing student and as a RN. It has helped me to better understand ABG's (Arterial Blood... Read More

Top ten reasons for being fired - Falsification of Documentation

If you didn't document it, you didn't do it! This is a statement most nurses live by! Unfortunately there are nurses who document things they didn't... Read More

Hospital Unit Secretaries

The hospital unit secretary is vitally important to the smooth day-to-day operations of the unit or floor. Unit secretaries perform essential... Read More

Suicide Is Not Your Answer

Nurses and other healthcare professionals have higher-than-average rates of suicide due to elevated stress levels combined with the high-stakes... Read More

Addictions Nursing

Addictions nursing is a subspecialty of psychiatric nursing that addresses the nursing care of individuals suffering from one or more addictions. ... Read More

"The Big C"

As a nurse I am exposed daily to "The Big C" which is what it was called by my parents when I was growing up. As a family member and a friend I... Read More

House of Hypochondriacs; How I became a Nurse.

As we become older we tend to complain more about "aches and pains", though we may be in fact suffering from such ailments there also might be a... Read More

10 Things You Should Know About the First Semester of Nursing School

A tongue-in-cheek synopsis of the trials and tribulations of a first semester nursing student. This article covers just a few of the many changes... Read More

A Bathroom Reminiscence

We learn many things from our patients. No matter how brief the encounter may be, their lives touch us in many ways, sometimes in a very profound... Read More

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