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Losing my religion

By jadelpn - Ah, the lively religious debate. As nurses, we all take care of a multitude of patients, all with specific, and sometimes not so specific, emotional/spiritual needs. And unless one works within a religious entity, here's my take on why a nurse's own religion needs to stay in the nurse's personal life. 1. Patients do not come to a facility seeking religious conversion. So a nurse should never take advantage of the fact that... Read More


NCLEX-RN - Don't Give Up!

By RNSwag - I have decided to write a post about tips for the NCLEX through my experience. I took the NCLEX twice. The first time I failed with 263 questions, and the second time, I passed with 75 questions. The First Time I was told that this was a very difficult exam from professors, nurses, doctors, and students. It was very disheartening because I believed them. This placed a lot of doubt in my own abilities. I took the Kaplan... Read More


Nurses in trouble get second chances - Minnesota

By brian - Minnesota State regulators say they protect the public with a closer watch on caregivers accused of misconduct. Those who lost loved ones want them to do more. Elda Bothun lay unconscious on her bed inside a Bloomington nursing home. She had stopped breathing, but the two nurses assigned to care for her had left the room. A police officer, summoned by a delayed emergency call, tried resuscitating the elderly woman, with no help... Read More


Top 10 List of Patient Survey Ideas

By jadelpn - Can we change a culture on an achilles heel? Can we change patient perception if nurses are not "bought in" to the idea of "customer" care? Can we make some culture changes to reflect a more individualized approach to nursing care while still maintaining a positive patient oriented enviroment? Can we do all this whilst including families, and information and sharing time sensitive information? The following just scratches the... Read More


Playing to my strengths - sometimes having "job ADD" isn't always a bad thing!

By pinkiepieRN - I'll admit it, I get bored easily. This is not to say that I get complacent at a job, but once I'm doing well with my job duties, I start finding other things to do, in addition to my own responsibilities. I started organizing and stocking the treatment cart, making sure medications were ordered from pharmacy before we ran out and when they re-modeled our medication room and it looked like a disaster zone, I organized the supplies... Read More

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Pressure Ulcers: Two New Reports from the EHC Program

Presented By Beth AHRQ - Painful, time-consuming, and expensive to treat, pressure ulcers are a common condition, affecting an estimated 3 million adults in the United States. Pressure ulcers can impede a patientís recovery to full function and places more time demands on nurses and the health care team. Hospital stays for patients with pressure ulcers are three times longer than those without pressure ulcers and the total cost of treatment in the U.S. is... Read More

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MS, OB or Onco Patients?

By cool_nurse - It's a blessing in disguise since our ward caters to three major areas of nursing. We have OB, MS and Onco patients in which we can practice our nursing and theoretical skills. But among these three, which type of patients do I prefer to work with? Medical-Surgical is the least area that I would like to work at especially during emergency procedures. Pre-operatively, patients are always hot-tempered with what they're feeling. Some... Read More


The first year: So much learned, so much to learn

By wannabecnl - Today marks one year since I started my first real nursing job in the PACU. I mentioned this to my preceptor the other day, and she said she thought the year had flown by. I do, too, but it has been an ascending flight in many ways, and I wonder when I will hit my cruising altitude. While this is on my mind, I thought Iíd jot down some things Iíve learned, and what I havenít learned yet but need toÖ On Anxiety: There... Read More


Nine Lives

By VivaLasViejas - I swear, my nursing career must have more lives than a cat. I knew it was over when I had a nervous breakdown and walked away from the hospital I'd worked in, off and on, for five years. I knew it was over when I aggravated an old knee injury and had to have surgery that (supposedly) ended my floor-nursing days. I was REALLY sure it was over when another meltdown cost me my 'dream' job. And then, two months ago when I realized I no... Read More


I am passionate about nursing, are you?

By madwife2002 - Being passionate about nursing is something I am not ashamed of, it can frighten some people but mostly it has been received well. I thrive on knowledge and I have never been afraid to challenge, I hate to be dismissed so I am like a dog after a bone. What I have found along the road is that the majority of people hate to be challenged, but we are not sheep we need to challenge because not everything is as clear cut as the upper... Read More


Hearts and Entertainment

By VivaLasViejas - It all started with the guy in room 156, who pulled the oldest trick in the book and still got a newish nurse to buy it. We've had an epidemic of respiratory infections in the building lately, so everyone who's got issues has to wear a mask outside their room; or in the case of staff, they have to wear a mask period. So when "Mickey" got back from dialysis, he was still wearing his, and as the aides were helping him into bed he... Read More


A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

By Kendel.G - I am an intern at a pediatric cardiologistís office. On clinical days I get to run ECGs (electrocardiogram) on tiny patients. Running ECGs is relatively simple. I stick eight electrodes onto little bodies and hook them up to a machine. I type in birthdays, names, ages, and genders. I push a button. I wait. Children are told to be still, to not be nervous. Parents hold their breath as the pink sheet of paper slides out the machine.... Read More



By SoldierNurse22 - "How much do we have left?" My boss, Angela, stood in front of me with concern bordering on desperation in her eyes. She bit her lower lip unconsciously, tapping the paper in her left hand against her leg. Her anxiety was palpable from where I sat a few feet away. "Not much. If they start up again within a week or two, we can make it. But until then, it's going to be tight." I weighed my words carefully as I responded. ... Read More


Nurses With POSSIBILITIES: Changing Our Perspective on Disability

By VivaLasViejas - The light from the front porch lamp filtered through the sheer drapes as I sat in the dark dining room, chatting on the phone with an old friend I hadn't seen in years. "Shawn" was in the hospital with a life-threatening heart condition, scared to death, and he'd called me out of the blue because I was the only person he knew who would understand. As we were catching up with one another, he mentioned his work as a live-in life coach... Read More


How I passed NCLEX different methods

By aramis2121 - Hi everyone! Great news I passed NCLEX on my first try as of this morning. Pearson Vue Trick approved! Then the FDOH site at 12pm today confirmed. WOOT WOOT! I'm an EMT, gone LPN, and now and finally an RN! I knew healthcare was my calling and I loved the excitement of each license, but i needed something more. I attended Miami Dade College for both my LPN and the transitional program to RN (which was brutal). I will also put it... Read More


Life, Death, and the Nurse In Between

By MaggieMae412 - I don't mean to make light of the subject matter when I say I'm a rookie when it comes to death. But I come from a small family, and one that's stayed pretty healthy for the first 28 years of my life. I've kept this fact nervously in the back of my mind, knowing that I would likely encounter end of life circumstances in the nursing field. I was told you'd never forget the first patient that slipped away from this life, and after my... Read More


Thinking Outside the Box

By jadelpn - When feeling that you are stuck in a rut, that things are not as easy or exciting as they once may have been, the feelers go out for a different direction. You can feel torn. Your happy place of complex problem solving, technical savvy, and constant running to be a part of the "good stuff" may come to an end. As a nurse, it is often after many years in one place, in one specialty or many years of bedside nursing. And alternate... Read More


The Stumblebutt Chronicles

By VivaLasViejas - To say that I loathe the 0900 med pass at my SNF would be the understatement of the year. First of all, being able to concentrate on the pass itself is impossible in the face of almost constant interruptions, and with my challenges in that arena I'm always nervous. Secondly, the census changes from weekend to weekend so I never get comfortable with the patients, and the few that are long-termers on that unit are legendary for being... Read More