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No! It is NOT OK.

by Episteme As a student you learn that the nurse-patient relationship is critical for effective, humane,... Read More

Don't choose a school until you ask these questions!

by ixchel Are you trying to figure out your plans for nursing school? Choosing a nursing school takes more... Read More

My Kaplan Experience (Passed 05/06/14)

by moychiiiii Having taken NCLEX three times, I was able to evaluate what I did right and wrong during my NCLEX... Read More

My moment in the sun

by ixchel As much as I expected school to teach me, I never expected I would learn even more from life.... Read More

Thank you for being there when I couldn't be...

by RainbowHead I have a new appreciation for nurses knowing that one is taking care of someone dear to me right... Read More

If you fail to plan; then Plan to Fail

by ArrowRN Usually this forum has thread of either great joys of passing or great sorrow of failure. I'd like... Read More

My Backpack

by realnursealso/LPN First you become a student, then make it through school, pass your boards, and off you go. When all... Read More

Why I love being a nurse....

by Esme12 In the daily grind of patient care when we are blamed for everything...we forget it's the simple... Read More

Failure is An Option; A New Grad Story

by elixRN Have you ever made a mistake so horrible you thought you just might not want to continue on the... Read More

Noro-virus Blues

by jadelpn There's a lot of dumb stuff nurses think and say. Especially when they get sick. It is oh so not... Read More an imperfect world.

by Anna Flaxis We all give a lot of lip service to teamwork. But what is teamwork, really? Merriam-Webster online defines teamwork as: "work done by several... Read More

"I'm not the doctor!"

by sweetdreameRN As a patient family member (who is also a nurse), I recently encountered an interesting situation. The nurse corrected the assumption she was the... Read More

Humble Pie

by jadelpn After many years as a successful LPN in acute care, there are more and more LPN's who are being shred of their nursing duties. Even more that are... Read More

All the Things We Carry

by Elvish A nurse looks at what nursing means. Some of the things we see are heartbreaking, and some is beautiful. Much of it affects us, and some of it we... Read More

Short Circuit: Supraventricular Tachycardia for the Novice PICU Nurse

by NotReady4PrimeTime This article is intended to provide a basic understanding of supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) and its treatment. Pediatric patients are managed a... Read More

Mary Eliza Mahoney: America's First Black Woman to Complete Nursing Training

by NRSKarenRN Learn about America's First Black Nurse to graduate from a nursing training program: Mary Eliza Mahoney. Forty two nursing trainees entered the... Read More

Just a little advice after a year in the ICU.

by francoml Being an ICU nurse can be an exciting, scary, heart-wrenching, and thoroughly rewarding career. After a year on the unit I have learned so much and... Read More

Haywire! Some Uncommon Causes of Status Epilepticus in Children

by NotReady4PrimeTime Seizures are not unusual in the pediatric population. But there are some uncommon causes of prolonged seizure activity that the PICU nurse might... Read More

From One Nursing Student to the Next

by ca21roberts Nursing school is no easy task, but there are a few ways to make it a little easier. For one, do what you love to reduce your stress. Two, studying... Read More

It's finally happening! I'm becoming a... NURSE!

by ToyaB When you enter nursing school, you're going to be told that you'll need to develop critical thinking skills. You'll have to learn to think like a... Read More