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Centimeters Away From Brain Death

By nursey246 - A normal day as a nurse can include life leaving someone's body. Have you ever stopped to think about that? It's Tuesday, you're pulling your scrubs over your head and putting your badge on.. and little do you know, in 4 hours you'll be the last person someone sees before they are ushered into... Read More

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Resentment Will Destroy You

By TheCommuter - Nurses and other healthcare workers who regularly work with difficult people are prone to resentment, which is a deeply indignant feeling of strong animosity we experience when we perceive that a person or group has wronged us in one way or another. Resentment peels away at the soul by reducing... Read More


Regaining Perspective: My Path to Emergency Nursing

By Wildcat2009 - Maintaining Perspective San Francisco de la Paz is a small town east of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. During the day it masquerades as a quiet community devoted to religion and agriculture. On good nights, the gunfire is but a soundtrack to adventure; far in the distance like corn kernels burning over... Read More


Unemployed New Nurses Would Be Wise To Remember These Equations

By TheCommuter - As a newer nurse (RN or LPN / LVN), you should feel very proud of the milestones that you have worked tirelessly to achieve over the past year. For starters, you have successfully completed a challenging program of study that would perplex the majority of adults in the United States. Moreover, you... Read More


Is Nursing Course Failure Always a Bad Thing?

By cls376 - Nursing course failure may assist the nursing students to future success. Both nursing faculty and nursing students need to look at reasons for a failure. If the issue is the nursing student, the student needs to ask for assistance and change what is necessary to gain success. If the issue is the... Read More


How do you want me to remember you?

By JulieRomanoLee - My memories of the night I died and the nurses that helped bring me back to life! This true story is a time in my life that I remember as if it were yesterday. I was hit by a car and thrown 200 feet and found wrapped around a pole. My story is about my experiences in the hospital(s) I stayed in... Read More


Nursing School Survival Kit

By brian - Now that you have been accepted into nursing school, you need to set yourself up for success by arming yourself with the following tools. While they do not guarantee straight A's, they will help you to meet the challenges in a more organized manner, and see you through to graduation. Planner ... Read More


Humor: The Most Essential Quality

By Ruby Vee - You can be a competent nurse without a sense of humor, but you probably won't have longevity in nursing, nor will you have as much fun as those with a well-developed funny bone. Nurses laugh at some mighty inappropriate things, but sometimes you either have to laugh or you'll cry. Laughing is... Read More


Keeping the End in Mind

By thywillbedone_ - After going through my first semester in nursing school (now in my second), I've realized that not a lot of students are keeping the end in mind. What I mean by this, nursing students have become so stressed about "getting the A" instead of saying, "I need this knowledge for NCLEX" or "I want to... Read More


Why I Cannot Sleep

By ReallyRosie - I need to talk about my patient today. My days in the hospital are frequently hard and heartbreaking, but nothing I haven't learned to shake off by the time I walk through my front door. Occasionally, I need a good cry on the drive home, but it's cathartic. I may hear monitor alarms in my sleep,... Read More


My beloved nursing students

By Esme12 - To my beloved nursing students. There are many of us here who love helping you. We ask that you show us your work. Show us that you have your critical thinking caps on and are trying to grasp this new way of thinking. Tell us what you think and we will go out of our way to help you. ... Read More


Teamwork: A Recipe for Positive Patient Outcome and Self Satisfaction

By Lourdes FMcD - This Article brings a perspective to teamwork. Teamwork is part of all organizations. As a good food recipe makes a tasty dish so can outstanding teamwork yield excellent outcomes. Included are the ingredients needed to produce good teamwork. Teams with excellent teamwork produce excellent... Read More


Are you thinking of becoming a nurse educator?

By cls376 - As a child, I learned how to kayak on the Lower Youghiogheny River in Southwestern Pennsylvania. In looking back at my lessons learned in kayaking, I can compare many of these lessons to that of becoming a nurse educator or nurse faculty member. If you are considering a full-time teaching position... Read More


The Stranger Within: It Does Get Better

By VivaLasViejas - Two years have passed since the day I was diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Needless to say, I was devastated and thought life as I knew it was over. But while it took a long time to come to acceptance, a wonderful doctor and an amazing support system have made it possible for me to believe... Read More


How to be the good patient and when to seek medical attention

By dwoolard - With all the overcrowding in hospitals, I was bound to catch the flu. What I thought was just a heartburn turned into a hospital admission. Here I talk about my experience being a patient and dealing with this flu season. This was not my first time being in the ER as a patient but the first time I... Read More


Nursing Program Student to Pre-Nursing Student

By DeepBreath - This goes out to all the students who are pursuing a Bachelorís degree in nursing. Believe people when they say: IT IS GOING TO BE TOUGH. Because it will be. Now I know there are different perspectives but before I had entered the nursing program I was a 3.9 GPA student who had even... Read More


Make a Child's Day While They are In the Hospital

By brian - For many children, going to the hospital is a frightening thing. Our job as nurses is to make our young patients feel as comfortable as possible during their stay at the hospital. This task is easier said than done, especially when it comes to children. Here is a list of ideas you can use to help... Read More


The Answer That You Seek

By jadelpn - Sometimes, we can all use a good vent. When venting, we are not always looking for answers, just acknowledgement that as nurses we are not alone. Often, we are looking for advice. What should I do? Where do I go from here? Every now and again, the answers are not what we want to face, but are... Read More