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Hi! I wanted to pass along some info on a great site for nursing shoes -- I think I found the link here ( but wanted to relate my story and why I hope this company stays in business. The shoes are priced similar to retail outlets and they do have a clearance section, so they aren't super cheap, but you do get what you pay for. :)

I wear the Dansko Professional model shoes, but sometime have a tendency to turn my ankles (ouch) because of the particular way these shoes are designed. It takes some getting used to. well, when I changed jobs to the ER, I bought the Jocelyn model with the wider outsole, which is supposed to provide more stability. It did, but my back hurt more which is not something I experienced with the Professional model.

I called Zappos and asked if I could return the shoes for an exchange. I expected a flat-out no since I had worn them outside, but not to the point of wearing down the tread or anything. Not only did they take them back (no questions asked) they paid for the UPS shipping, even providing a label I could print from my computer, exchanged the pair to the Professional model I now know I prefer, and gave me a refund of 10.00 for the difference in prices.

The amazing thing is that the customer service rep shipped the shoes to me, overnite, free of charge, before they had received my old shoes back. I had dropped them off at the UPS store the day that I talked to her, but I received my new shoes overnight. She even helped me pick out a good color!

Thanks for reading this. I found them to be extremely helpful and the best customer service I could ever expect.


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I completely love

I buy all my shoes from there now.

Cheap and great service! :)



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I love they have good selection.

The same I like too they have a large collection of Nurse Mates.

Both have free shipping.

I think Zappos has free overnight shipping if I'm not wrong. The other company has Free Ground Shipping only.

Hope it helps.

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I have heard only AWESOME things about Zappos and how wonderful their customer service is!

I had a friend who ordered (because she wasn't sure what she wanted) 4 pairs of shoes. They got to her house, she tried them all on, and then THEY sent her a postage paid box to send them back to them and refunded her money. I mean, can it get any better?

And yes, free overnight shipping to boot. You can't beat that.

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Yes, Zappos is awesome. I've NEVER EVER had a problem getting something returned and the money refunded ASAP.

It's now free overnight shipping too if you order before a certain time in the day.

They are awesome.

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I ordered from a little over 1 year ago, and was pleased with the service and speedy shipping. However, the shoes did not fit properly. This is definitely my personal problem, and not anything that the company did incorrectly. I ordered a pair of NurseMates shoes with a double-wide width. My feet are short (size 6.5), very wide, and have a pad of fat on the instep portion, so I probably shouldn't purchase shoes over the internet any time soon. Since I have such weird feet, perhaps I should stick to purchasing my shoes in brick-and-mortar shoe stores where I can be assured that the shoe fits before I buy. ;)

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