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Hi everyone! I've been an allnurses member for 6 years and I love it! I looked back at some of my old posts from years ago and can't believe how much time has went by!! So much has changed from asking about what to expect as a nursing student taking my pre-reqs, to getting accepted into a nursing program, inquiring about military nursing, and now working as an Army nurse I remember looking to for all my questions and answers and meeting some awesome people! This is such a wonderful site! One thing that I wasn't fully aware of when I first started on here is the nursing Youtube community! If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it because you will be able to see other nursing students, graduates, those in their pre-req stage, and even male nurses that can offer advice and support to you through your journey. It really is a great community and I just wanted to let you all out there know about it if you don't already :-) Just a few to name that I recommend checking out:

Hdryver - travel nurse

Funkyfunand40 - non-traditional nursing student & mom over the age of 40

777Mendoza777 - male nurse

asasims100 - male nursing student

criswitnoh, heatherheartsnursing, juliannehola, vgboillot, nurseAimee2013, nursearieezona, nursebrownskin - nursing students

Tasha75670, armygirl66p, laurennicole092

NurseBritt2010, Renee4christ (that's me ) - New nurses

NurseNacole - she no longer makes videos (which were awesome by the way), but she does have a wondeful blog:

Hope you enjoy and check them out!!!


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I have reviewed yours and Nurse Nacole was the first nursing student that I have ever saw on you tube. You ladies were very inspirational... Especially because there aren't many black nurses in my area so it was wonderful to see some people I could relate to. Also thanks for the nontraditional link , that's another problem I was having when visiting you tube everyone seemed like traditional nursing students, I can't wait to review some non traditonal student profiles. Again thanks and continue to inspire...


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Thank you for this list, i look forward to checking them all out.

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Thanks for posting! I've checked out a few of these! I've really found you guys to be inspirational! I may just start my own Nursing Channel. I would adore knowing I can help inspire LPN students as much as you guys have done. :) Thanks again!


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I might do one of those myself once I start LPN school next Fall. However, I would be explaining the information that I have learned as I learn it. I believe that will increase my knowledge and preparation because I know people will be looking to criticize me if I were to make any errors.

Shoot, I might make one this semester for my nutrition class, just to get a feel for it.