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Your worst interview


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I would like to know what your worst interview was like! I recently went on an interview for a medsurg position and it was crazy! I'm older so I've been on several interviews and I've never experienced this before. I met with the recruiter and she was nice. She told me the hospital had all these positions available. So initially she sets me up on two interviews. I met the first lady and it's almost like she had this double personality. One minute she is nice saying it was such a pleasure to meet me. Second minute she's telling me all these things I need to understand in order for her to hire me, but in like a hostile/disrespectful way. She already told me in the interview that I would be working every other weekend, 1/2 holidays, that I would have to come in on my days off for meetings, etc...I knew all these things coming into it, but she wanted to make it crystal clear the expectations. So it wasn't so much what she said but how she said it. I also let her know up front that I'm getting married and while I wouldn't necessarily need to use time off because I'm not taking a honeymoon, I would need some weekends most definitely off. I really only need one weekend a month til my wedding day and would be willing to work double or even triple weekends just to get that one off. (I'm kinda wondering if maybe my search should start after my wedding, because she acted like I might have to get them covered myself) So like I said the interview seemed really hostile and aggressive. I called HR and I already had another interview the following day, but I definitely wanted to look into the two other positions we had talked about. Well it's like the HR lady completely forgot our conversation and acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. She was like let's just see how the second interview goes, but you should really let the first manager know that you're interested. Well the first manager already told me she wanted to interview someone else so why can't I interview with other managers?? Anyways, the next day the HR calls me and my second interview gets miraculously cancelled and she again tells me I need to let the manager know I'm super interested because the other girl isn't licensed yet so it'll be easier for me to get on. So I call the manager and told her I was interested (more like unsure) and thanked her for meeting with me. So she's still unsure between me and this other girl and told me that I might have to come in for a second interview. I think she was getting pushed into making a decision from HR and she calls me back and was like..."There are certain things I need you to understand before I hire you. You understand Medsurg is hard right? I mean it is VERY hard! I'm about to call one of your references, what would they say about you?? How were your grades in school? If you work for me, I might have to schedule you on different shifts even though your 7p-7a. That's ok right? Also you have to commit to at least a year because I'm losing money hiring you! I mean, I'd like you to stay forever but at least a year" Sigh "ok I'll tell HR to go ahead with the hiring process". Can we say crazy?! This lady is crazy. I'm not saying that was she's saying isn't true, but my God don't act like I'm a burden to hire. Anyways, that's my crazy story! Sorry it's so long! Is this normal?? Should I expect this kind of behavior when I go into interviews?


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She sounds crazy, but you sound a little crazy, too. I would never bring up needing time to plan a wedding on a new-grad job interview ...or on an job interview for an experienced nurse, for that matter. :)

Anyway, a lot of new grads accept positions and quickly move on when reality slaps them upside the head. It sounds like she's trying to see if you'll be scared away by all the terrors you will face before she wastes her time getting you trained.


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My worst interview was weird and I suspect one like it might not ever again. I did my homework on the hospital and the floor. Everything sounded good.

I arrived on time, was appropriately dressed, and was primed for the

interview and the receptionist uttered those fateful words. "She'll see

you now." I followed her into the office. I had married after college and

so had she, and we both had new names.

She looked at me and immediately recognized me. I knew at once who

She had been. The interview limped along and finally finally at long last

that seemingly endless interview was over.

She was the twin sister of the man I almost married. I'd broken the engagement at the last minute. She had been VERY disapproving.

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Haha maybe I am a little. But seriously I've been told to let the manager know up front about me getting married in a few months. I guess I could've waited but decided to to let her know up front. And about her scaring people away-it definitely worked!!

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Ooh how awful! I would've died! Your story definitely tops mine!