Your NCLEX Experience


I'll be taking the NCLEX in May/June of 2012 and I'm looking for details on every one else's experience with the NCLEX test.

How much time did you spend studying for the NCLEX?

How many questions did you take for your NCLEX?

Did you pass the NCLEX?

What were some resources that you found either beneficial or detrimental to the experience?

Any suggestions and information is much appreciated.


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I graduated nursing school May 2011. I used only Hurst Review to study. Took the NCLEX-RN in July and failed at 139 questions. 2nd time board retake, I studied Hurst Review for core content; LaCharity for delegations and prioritization; Saunders for extra info if I needed more detail on a certain topic. I did tons and tons of questions and added lots of prayer and positivity. 2nd try I passed this October with 265 questions.

Recommendations: how long u study for the board is based on how ready you feel to take it. I do recommend it take it 2-3 weeks after whatever review you use. Invest in LaCharity- that book is the main reason I passed. After the review I would concentrate on doing lots of questions because in my opinion it's the #1 way to apply what you have learned throughout nursing school.

Good luck!