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42 yo ER Job Offer

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I am currently going for 3 ED interviews this week. I have a bachelor's in another field in health care and have been working at the same facility for 10 years. I went to an accelerated BSN program and now have my license and have been applying to jobs. One job would be at a very low rate (new grad pay scale), the other job could be at my current employer currently making what I currently earn plus a slight percentage increase. The only issue is I have a commitment for 2 years to the school that paid for my nursing degree. Do I go with a much higher salary and pay back the student loan or take the low new grad pay and not have to pay back the student loan?

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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If your decision hinges only on the financial aspect, you need to do some analysis to see how do the two offers 'net' out. Could be that the lower salary is more than offset by avoidance of the loan repayment.

ArrowRN, BSN, RN

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I dont understand how you wiuld not have to pay back the loan with the lower pay?

What about benefits at current job? If you been paying into an IRA plus if they roll you into same vacation days and time off all that adds up as well, whereas with new job you loose all that.