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I have done all the research, read the entire ISU thread (part 1 & 2), emailed the school, met with TCN... basically done it all. When I met with TCN, they gave me the list of all the courses I'd need to take or test out of, which has been helpful since I've decided to take the majority of them at a CC to save money. Then I ran across a thread saying that ISU's website took off the TCN affiliation and are now working with Ivy Tech CC in Indiana. I looked up the classes needed, and it seems the 3 phases have changed a bit...

What I was told, was that for Phase 1 you needed college algebra. On the site it says differently, Math 118 at Ivy Tech. Which is math concepts. So, my question, did they lower the math requirement? Because that would be fantastic if they did :)

Well like anything doing your research is to your advantage. Second, make sure that the phase 3 of ISU program is something you can live with as three years is a long time for just the one phase. This part is not self paced. It all depends on your goals and how fast you are trying to accomplish them . Whatever, you decide make sure you understand the loan terms, interest, and the three day recession process

Thanks for the advice Corr. Can you elaborate on the three day recession process (is that the buyers remorse clause?) I obtained my associates degree in Accounting from UMUC via distance learning. It seems the two programs are similar in that they aren't self paced. I was working toward my bachelors, so I took a lot of 3 and 4 level classes. They did five sessions a year which overlapped by three weeks in the beginning and end of the session so I was often taking 4 or 5 classes at a time. The biggest difference will be the clinicals, but I work 32 hours a week in two days so I should be able to handle throwing in one day of clinicals a week (since you can do up to 16 hours a day) maybe two if necessary. That sounds easy after the minimum 24 hours of clinicals weekly I went through in LPN school!

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