Yesterday was my first day!

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but all i did was look through the policy and procedure manual. :) we have jacho coming next week so everyone is feverishly working. my preceptor is actually there as "workdays" yesterday, today and thurs, just cleaning, so i will be doing pretty much nothing. she is a staff member on friday so i should actually do something then. we'll see. i did get my locker and shoe cubby. j they had 2 big signs for me, one inside and one outdoor hanging above the nursery windows, i felt so wanted.

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Oh how exciting! - and the signs sound like a lovely touch! This place sounds like it already has good vibes - all the best!


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Sounds like a great place to work. Enjoy!


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I wish you much luck! Hope you are happy in this new position!


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i agree with the above posters. seems like you found a "home". good luck and keep us posted!!!! :)


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Aww... well that sounds really nice and welcoming. Good for you. Please share more stories from your first few days, would love ot hear about them!

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