50 years old, a good time for LVN school?


I have recently turned 50, though most people guess my age to be much younger. I think I've taken really good care of myself because I always have had goals for my future. I have raised 4 children who were my top priority and put my own career goals on the back burner to focus on their needs, which I have no regrets about. I was in RN school many years ago but left to get married and start my family. I worked as a NA and HHA off and on over the years and recently went back to school totally focused on finally achieving my goal of becoming an LVN. First I completed the 5 month CNA program which I thoroughly enjoyed, with the regimen of studying, homework, clinicals and the goal of straight A's, which I accomplished. The CNA program here is a prerequisite to the LVN program and is quite rigorous. However, I have cooled my jets just a bit as I have a good friend who is in the LVN program I want to get into and the pace is exhausting for her, and she's only 23 years old with no kids, no job, and no household responsibilities! School every day from 7:30 am to 2:00pm. Minimum 5 hours of homework each night. Clinicals twice weekly. The stress level is very high as students who are late are locked out (no reason for being tardy is accepted), there are tests almost daily and if you fail a final (score under 75%) in any area you are OUT of the program even if you have carried an A average in the class. Missed tests are not allowed to be made up. One woman whose sick daughter died the day one of the finals was given was told she was out of the program as they could not make any allowances for anyone! I found this to be rather chilling and sobering as at age 50, one thing I have learned is that sometimes crises happen! I never missed a day of my CNA program but wonder if I really have what it takes to handle this level of stress. My other friend went to an on-line RN program which was less stressful and less time-intensive than this LVN program but frankly at age 50 I need something that will have me career-ready as quickly as possible. Becoming a nurse is my life's goal, but it would crush me to be kicked out because the school is so rigid regarding any absenses or scoring less than 75% on any one final. I do not plan on working while attending LVN school, but might eventually do a CNA shift once a week. I would love to hear from other older students who have returned to school to pursue their life's dream and how you handle the stress of it or if it only seems so overwhelming and isn't as bad as all that. Many thanks! :heartbeat


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Sounds like maybe this may not be the right LVN program for you. Are there any others availble in your area? How much longer would it take for you to attend an ADN program? If the stress level is less would it be worth the extra time?

I am 42 and in an ADN program. Many of my fellow students are over 50. There is a wisdom that comes with age. Remember those four children. How much medical knowledge have you gained just nursing them through various illness? Plus the experience gained from being a NA/HHA. You have gain more knowledge than you realize and may even have the advantage over the younger crowd. And you don't have the draw of friends, dating and the nightlife.

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When your dead it is too late to start school again----other than that there is no excuse!!! Good Luck Future Nurse!:stdnrsrck:

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I know of a person who completed an LVN program at 57 years of age. If there's a will, there's certainly a way!

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