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104-Year-Old Nurse Sews Masks


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Once a Nurse Always a Nurse

At 104 years old, Gertrude Larson is back at her trusty Singer sewing machine she bought in 1939, sewing masks for nursing home staff and residents.


Once a nurse, always a nurse. After leaving the family farm near Kathryn, N.D., Larson graduated from what was then Fargo's St. Luke's nursing school in 1938.

Larson was around during the 1918-1919 flu pandemic. On a farm near Nome, N.D. She remembers her mother isolating all the kids on the farm, away from everyone else.

She says with the mask project she is simply is doing what her ancestors did: Taking care of each other



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Awwww, this is wonderful! Gives me the warm and fuzzies...

Go Miss Gertrude! 💕


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I have been a nurse for 20 years. This is amazing people are willing to do this. God bless.