nursing program at northwestern

  1. I am thinking of taking my nursing school at powell. Does anyone have information on the program or have attended there?
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  3. by   rags
    I went to NW and liked the program very much. I would recommend any of the nursing programs in WY though I think they are all good. It really comes down the instructor in the end but at least at NW they don't send you off on your own after the first week of clinicals as I have heard they do in some of the Bach. programs.

    I don't regret attending there and am confident in the education I received. They cover a very broad range of clinical opportunities which I found to be very valuable.

  4. by   wyoty
    Thank you for the reply
  5. by   ilmbg
    Don't know if you have made any decisions yet, but beware- NWC is currently under investigation by Wyoming BON because of the high student failure to pass Boards. It has the worst history in the US (I think). I was talking to someone at WBON a few months ago- she is the one who told me about the investigation. NWC has lost its accedidation a few times. I don't understand why- there are just a few students in the program. As 'rags' mentioned, it is the instructors that make or break a program. I do not know if there are any new instructors. My neighbor went through the program about 4 years ago, and only 3 Gn's passed boards. I hope it is better now. If you have another college to look at, I would seriously consider it.