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  1. Hi all,
    I am planning on moving back to Wyoming after being gone way too long.
    I am graduating from RN school shortly and have >20 years hospital experience
    as an LPN. Right now I am in OR, where >13 schools crank out about 80 new grads
    a year and the job market is frightening. 495+ interviewed for one position at a local
    hospital. YIKES!!
    I was wondering how the job market looks for areas such as Worland, Riverton, and
    Cody> Didnt really want to live any further south, but the economy as it is, may change my
    mind in short order.
    What is the pay rates are there...funny, here they just tell you on their web sites, not sure
    why its such a *secret* in the job opening listings I see in Wyoming.
    Was wondering if anyone had input about WY vs. Billings.
    Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help.
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  3. by   WindyhillBSN
    You will have no problem finding a job....you may even get offered a sign on bonus.
  4. by   WYMTOR
    thank you so much. where in wyoming, or is it a statewide open area?
    What about pay? Starting for new grad here in Oregon is about $30.
    Thanks--just trying to see what I'm looking at.
  5. by   WindyhillBSN
    Statewide...starting is about 24.00/hr
  6. by   WYMTOR
    thanks for the information. Helps me see what I'm looking at.
  7. by   ashwee356
    In Cheyenne new grads start at 24.00/hr at the hospital. Don't know how much with experience. Just like most other areas, its less at drs offices and such.
  8. by   DaynaW
    I've been reading the thread up above and I was curious about what the job opportunity is for LPN's as well.
  9. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I just got a job in Cheyenne, they aren't considering me a new grad anymore though. (I have 4.5 month experience and you're supposed to have 6 but they still hired me) my base pay is 24.40 p/h
  10. by   DaynaW
    Where are some of the best places to work, and most recommended places to work? I am going to be writing for my license and am considering moving down to Cheyenne and any other places. Could anyone give me any ideas.
  11. by   rm89
    I'm just curious... I have been living in AR for the last several years, and am currently in an LPN program at North Arkansas College, planning to graduate in December 2012. I am planning to move back out to Cheyenne once I graduate. I was just curious as to what the job availability is like out there right now, epecially for a new LPN, with no experience except for several years of CNA work. Also was curious as to what kind of wages they start new grads on out there. I am a little worried, as I have heard from several people that they are trying to phase out all the LPN's, and bring in more RN's. so yeah... little nervous about moving out there again if there will be a great scarecity of jobs. Any info would be greatly appreciated.