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rm89 has 2 years experience and specializes in geriatrics.

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  1. residents say the funniest things

    We had this one dear old lady whose moods would turn on a dime. One day we had a church group who was singing and afterwards the preacher approached this lady and said, "____ I can see Jesus shining in you!" To which she promptly replied "go to hell!...
  2. I did have 2 years experience as an LPN, and so far it has helped tremendously. However, I think a lot depends on the PDN company you work for. My company loves new grads, and the usual training time is 4-8 weeks, depending on how comfortable the new...
  3. Phi Theta Kappa - Haven't we all been invited?

    I joined my local chapter and it does look good on resumes, etc, because they only take those with a 4.0 GPA, and you have to keep your GPA above 3.5 to stay in. It also offer scholarships, etc. I think it's a good idea.
  4. Just wanted to give a little encouragement to all the new grad RN's out there. I graduated Dec.12, and took my NCLEX on the 29th. I found out I passed 48 hours later. I began my job search immediately thereafter. (I should note that I moved from A...
  5. No shift differential

    I work as a PDN on nights - I get shift dif and holiday pay. I think it depends on the company.
  6. No shift differential

    I worked in a SNF/LTC for 2 years as an LPN before I got my RN. They paid shift differential for nights, and we got holiday pay. They did not have a shift dif for weekends however. Most LTC places in the area I worked in also paid shift dif for night...
  7. Military LPN experience

    I just graduated with my RN, with 2 years experience as an LPN. My 2 years experience really did stand me in good stead, but I didn't actually get a job in a hospital. I'm working private duty pediatric nursing in collaboration with a home health age...
  8. I would say that this instructor is very correct, and did a good job at not pinpointing anyone in particular and shaming them. In both my LPN and my ADN program, if we showed up out of dress code, they had the ability to send us home immediately, and...
  9. Tips for a new lpn a a LTC Facility

    I currently work at a LTC facility, and have for almost 2 years. I worked the majority of that time on night shift with up to 36-38 pts at a time. You will learn who takes time, and who is fast. It will take a little bit to get a routine down, but on...
  10. Is it worth it?

    Wow! Congrats! I'm sure it's hard to be put back in the place of a brand new nursing student when you've been in the field for so long, but hang in there! I myself graduate from an LPN-RN bridge program in 3 weeks. I was really nervous during check o...
  11. LPN-RN transition

    So I am and LPN, graduated in Dec. 2012. I've held my current job at a LTC/SNF since I graduated. I am planning to graduate in December with my RN and move to Colorado to be near family. I'll be in the Ft. Collins/Loveland area. I'm wondering if th...
  12. First time at a nursing home

    Welcome to the U.S.! I am so sorry to hear that you have had such a rough experience so far. I know it's no fun to feel like you are drowning without help. I currently work in a LTC facility, and have for the past 5 years, as an aide, then as an LPN....
  13. When entering orders, please remember....

    When charting in a computer, and you are trying to chart a stage 2 pressure ulcer, please don't chart a "stage 11." If you're wanting to use roman numerals, try "stage II."
  14. Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    So far the weirdest i know personally is a girl named Precious. It's not too bad, until you realize her last name is Grubbs. So now you have "Precious Grubbs" Poor kid.
  15. Nursing gear passed on from older generation

    My aunt (who died when I was 6 or so) is the only other one in my family with any medical background. She worked as an RN for many years before she died of cancer. I was honored when my aunts sent me her pin at my graduation. It made me feel like I w...