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  1. PPE

    Umm, yes. But the question doesnt have anything to do with being chemo certified or taking a chemo/bio course. The OP has a valid question because not every facility has the exact same policies in regards to PPE.
  2. PPE

    Yes we do a lot of chemo too, and it is about 50 (or more) gowns a day. On and then off and straight into the yellow bucket. We have asked if we could change anything to reduce cost and waste. Our oncology NP always replies, " we'll even if you don't...
  3. PPE

    Chemo gown (thicker than regular gowns), chemo gloves ( also thicker, longer). Throw away both after EACH administration, even on the same patient... Some places re-wear the gown which is a no-no according to ONS. We also use Pha-seal, which is a lur...
  4. Ultimately it is your state board of nursing you should check with. Then hospital or facility policies, and so forth. With that said, I work in an outpatient infusion center which is located inside of the hospital. All of our oncologists are located...
  5. Employment Outlook

    In Cheyenne new grads start at 24.00/hr at the hospital. Don't know how much with experience. Just like most other areas, its less at drs offices and such. :)
  6. Cleaning fetal monitor equipment

    Fetal monitor cleaning has always been confusing to me... in the sense that I have also found many dirty ones in "clean" rooms. Nasty! I mean, even used telemetry boxes go into a biohazard bag and are put into a dirty bin to be cleaned. I think you a...