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WWYD New Grad 2 job offers


Specializes in Critical Care. Has 2 years experience.

Which would you choose?

  1. 1. Which would you choose?

    • Sub-Acute/ LTC
    • Home Health

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4 Years LPN

2 years LTC/ 2 Years Ambulatory

Graduated in June with Associates with RN


I interviewed and accepted a position as a Nurse Care Manager in a managed long term care agency. This position is through an agency and receives no benefits. According to the actual company most agency nurses will be hired and offered full time benefits in 3-6 months. This is due to not having any experience. I did not start orientation yet. I have no experience and I do not know if I will like doing this type of home care.

Due to the fact that many resumes was sent out I was called by a really good Sub-Acute Rehab/ LTC that is 18 minutes away. Benefits are great. Salary is comparable. Evening shift is not that desirable though. I feel that this experience will most likely get me into a hospital one day. I haven't worked floor for a while I'm also not sure how I feel about it. I worked the night shift when I did. Wasn't my favorite.

Problem I will feel bad to take back my acceptance of position one.



This is a tough call. If the reasoning behind taking the sub acute position is to hopefully get into a hospital position, you may find that you need a BSN to do that. And evenings are not ideal--there are nurses who love them, however, either you love them or not so much.

The managerial position is a great opportunity. But can you go without benefits for any length of time?

Perhaps you would do per diem at the LTC?

Another thought process is to research your local hospital's website. See if there are positions there, and what they require as far as degree. If they are only hiring BSN's then see what kind of tuition reimbursement (if any) either of the 2 positions you currently are looking at are offering. See if that may or may not be worth it to you.

Good luck and best wishes!

If you want a hospital position I would look for one. Take the job that will give you the most bedside experience. I've had a few job offers in hospitals as new grad rn.