WSSU ABSN spring 2018

U.S.A. North Carolina


Hello everyone, I curious if anyone applied to WSSU absn next spring. I am not sure if I can apply to WSSU since I am only graduate in December this year from UNCG. I have all the prerequisite requirement for this program but not sure about the chemistry course. In the websites, only general chemistry for chemistry requirement. I took CHM 131 with a lab in GTCC but I am not sure it still counts. Please feel free to give any opinion, suggestion or advice. Thanks

I just graduated from UNCG in May and plan on applying to Wssu. I believe their website says you must have your degree conferred before the application deadline. Not 100 percent though. I would email someone. Also for chemistry, I took Chem 103, 104 and 111 at UNCG. 103 and 104 are called general descriptive chem and 111 is general chemistry. not sure of the difference but 111 was 10 times harder than the other two. I think as long as it is an equivalent of Gen Chem you'll be fine. But that would be another great question to ask!!

I recently applied... so nervous. Praying I get in. Does anyone know how many applications they receive?

I am not sure. With this being 1 out of a handful of absn programs in NC I'm sure they receive a decent amount! I wish everyone the best of luck. I'll be sending in my application later this week.

I applied as soon as the deadline opened on August 1st! I'm so happy i found a thread for this.I hope i get in but i know its competitive so i'm going to apply for community colleges as well as a back up plan :( I graduated UNCG with a little over a 3.0 but my science pre-req are all A;s and B's so i hope that helps. I'm really nervous.

Milly451, I am in the same boat as you! My gpa is lower but my prerequisites are A's and B's. Did yall send official or unofficial transcripts? I know it says you can send either but I wasn't sure what most people planned on! Also, is it a rolling admissions or do we all hear back on one date?

Milly451 I just graduated from UNCG! my overall gpa is a 3.63 but I've had to retake anatomy as I made a C the first time so I'm nervous about that.

Kassi123 it seemed based off of other threads everyone found out in mid October on the same day. I am sending my unofficial transcripts.

I wish my GPA was that high. I had to retake anatomy because I got a C in it too but i got a B plus the second time so hopefully that would help. I honestly dont think my chances are high for the accelerated nursing program. So if i dont get it, im going to apply for the traditional program. Im also applying for community colleges around the area.

I made a B+ my second time too. I literally made an 89.8 and my teacher would not round up. Oh well.. I would just think positively! If I don't get in I'll probably go back to UNCG and do a post bach and go to PA school. I just got my EMT so I'll have to take the year off and work for that.They require 1000 patient care hours. Nursing has always been something I've wanted to do but uncgs program is soooo competitive and my GPA wasn't strong enough there. If I don't get it this time around I'll just have to explore my other options.

How did everyone send in their application. just through the mail? I thought about taking it to the post office to certify it. I don't want to take any chances but I don't want to go overboard lol.

the only option so far is though mail :( I did it through the post office too and got my tracking number. My overall gpa is a 3.1 but my prerequisite GPA is higher. Did you send your ACT or SAT scores? They need that. Although i dont know why. My admission counselor had to tell me. I emailed Garrison for information on applying to WSSU.

Hahaha you probably had ingrum. (I forgot how to spell his name) he did the same thing to me. He was such a hard teacher and his whole "I dont believe in rounding" is bs. I actually did better in physiology and didn't have to retake it again.

yeah i guess I'll be taking a trip to the post office today lol. i was actually able to get access to my ACT score online though the actual ACT website because I didn't take it all that long ago they still had them on file in the archives. I request the official ones because I wasn't sure how long it was take to process so I printed out the unofficial. Plus they wanted to charge me 25 dollars for them?!?! do you have a wssu email because it asks for one but I don't have one. I'm not sure if we are supposed to. I just used my uncg email. I've emailed the nursing dept at wssu awhile back and they never responded and then I called and they never answered or called back after leaving them a message sooo I'm not sure lol.

i didn't have ingrum. my degree is in kinesiology and our dept had it's own anatomy and physiology courses. A TA taught mine the second time around and I think he was just a jerk honestly, but he had a similar policy.

To everyone that has applied, now we just wait to hear if we were accepted into the program before applying to the university? I believe university apps are due Nov 1, so I'm assuming we'll get a program decision before then. It just doesn't make to sense to apply to the university before knowing if you're accepted into the program....

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