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  1. Otr2rn2be

    WSSU ABSN spring 2018

    Hey same here! Don't feel bad I'm an OT and realized I wanted to do something else. Best of luck to you as well!
  2. Otr2rn2be

    WSSU ABSN spring 2018

    Yeah that's what I was told so I'm guessing we will know any day...best of luck to everyone!
  3. Otr2rn2be

    Wssu absn 2017

    someone started a new one but Im glad I found this one! I submitted my application this week. Praying for the best!
  4. Otr2rn2be

    WSSU ABSN spring 2018

    I recently applied... so nervous. Praying I get in. Does anyone know how many applications they receive?
  5. Otr2rn2be

    Possibly moving to Charlotte, NC

    Try Caromount Health in Gastonia
  6. Otr2rn2be

    Leaving Occupational Therapy for Nursing?

    Thanks. This def gives me hope. Productivity as a therapist can easily suck the fun out of therapy. Many people don't know that side of our profession.
  7. Otr2rn2be

    Leaving Occupational Therapy for Nursing?

    Honestly, I've been an OT for one year within the hospital setting. I realize I want to know more about diagnoses and medication management. This is really driving me to pursue nursing.
  8. Otr2rn2be

    Occupational Therapist to RN?

    0hi there... first off--great forum and i am looking forward to hear any advice. i have been an occupational therapist for 1 year within acute care...I certainly have been experiencing increasing job dissatisfaction and often think i would find a career as an rn much more fulfilling. i don't have a concrete answer for why except that rns seem to have so much more opportunities for movement and growth and i think i am much more suited for the fast paced environments (such as emerg/ccu) instead of the field of rehabilitation. there are many other reasons why i am dissatisfied with being an ot that i won't bore you all with and i have made up my mind that i will be changing careers, just haven't decided if rn is the right path or if it is one of those "grass is always greener" kind of situations. the pay is the same but in terms of long term career opportunities, rns have so many options! Maybe even pursue FNP after gaining experience as a RN. anyone else out there with a similar story? interested in hearing any insights.