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Hi, I am writing my CPNRE on October 13th 2017 which is pretty much 3 weeks from now! I am extremely nervous for it.

I was wondering if I could get some tips on how to study during the last few weeks before the exam. Also, how did you find the CPNRE exam? Lastly, what should i bring to the exam?

Thanks for the information.

Hi. Are there a lot of mater and child? Thank you!

Hey, so i just wrote my exam! It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. Some questions were tricky but its doable. it didnt have that much on maternity. I would review drugs and like ethical situations and terminology.

Thank you for the information! :) how about Like psychosocial and juris?

Hey, there were several questions on psychosocial, mostly like therapeutic communication. There werent too many juris questions. Know non-maleficence, veracity and those types of terminology.

Another thing i forgot to mention in my other post was know how to prioritize, there were a few questions on prioritizing, like which patient would you go to first based on the information that they give you.

Good luck on your exam!

Hey can you send me the 4th edition prep. [email protected]

Hey i have the 4th edition in the book format. But i do have the 5th edition online, i could send you that instead?

Hi. I have the 5th edition. I did pretty well on it.

Was the 4th ed helpful? Also did you do the predictor test ?

Hey, the fourth edition was helpful because it helps having more questions to do. I did the predictor test i found it was okay, a bit trickier then the prep guides but it helped me focus my studying on areas that i needed improvement and it also tells you how likely you are pass the exam which helped me with my nerves.

I did really well on the prep guides and the questions in the Saunders books. When I did the predictor test I found it tricky and didn't do well. So now I'm stressing. :(

Yeah it stressed me out aswell, but it helped me focus. Just try to focus on what you felt you struggled on during the predictor test and try it again like the week of your test and see how you do. When is your exam?

I'm doing it on the 21st. I had to book late to due to a mix up with cno so I only had less than 2 weeks to study. I know my stuff but the testing is hard.

The predictor test is very vague and doesn't really help me on knowing where and what to study.

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