Monday was my first day of 'hands-on' clinical at the hospital. My day was going well and felt pretty happy about my experiences. The RN I was with that day was awesome and explained eveything in detail for me which really helped since I was such a nervous wreck. Code Blue was called so she suggested that I watch. So I'm in there watching and she's explaining everything that's happening and the different roles. After they started CPR on the patient they realized they had students in the room and offered one of us to take over the chest and another student backed up (I'm thinking out of being totally scared of the situation lol). I was pushed next thing I know I'm doing chest compressions on this patient...holy cow! The whole thing was a blur and maybe it wasn't a big deal that I got to do that but it sure was for me! I will never forget that day! :yeah:


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I'm won't even be applying to a nursing program until June, but if accepted I hope my first day of clinicals goes like yours. To me, they sound a bit terrifying, especially without any practical experience at all, but having a helpful RN with you and getting to be a part of patient care had to be great. Congrats to you and good luck in the rest of your clinicals/program. :)

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That is awesome!!!! (that you got to jump in, not that pt. was coding obviously) I look forward to clinicals, it's the only part I am confident that I will be good at.


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What an experience for your first day!!!

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Wow...I lol-ed at you backing up and being pushed in.

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