Wow- this is really funny.


so- there seems to be an obsession with the "gay male nurse stereotype". it comes up quite often. apparently it's so common that a gay male chat company advertises on this very forum.

when i open a thread in this forum, i get an advertisement for gay male chat.

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    That's just too funny. Thanks for the laugh.


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    firefox+adblock=no ads! :)

    Although, that is funny.


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    I would tend to think that the gay to straight ratio would be the same as in most other professions. Except hairdressers and makeup artist.. and drag queens.:jester:


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    I remember when I finished my Degree, and retired from the Army, some of my older relatives , when they found out my current career choice, would say thngs like:" you're a Nurse? Well , but you were a Medic in the Army, so that's OK!" My recently deceased (100+) grandmother always referred to her Male Nurses when she was hospitalized. I've been doing this a long time, so I have to agree with the premise that the ratio isn't any different than the general population.



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    Hah, that's funny. As if regular phone sex is appropriate for this website being the diversity of ages.


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    that's effective ad targeting, my personal exp is that the stereotype is true, definitely more gay men in nursing than many other lines of work.


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    So your saying all male nurses aren't gay?


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    Please advise the admins - they may not be aware.

    A few years ago, I clicked on a thread. One of the ads came up as a research group looking for people currently addicted to cocaine.

    I questioned this in a thread, which an admin noted that they may not be completely aware of the full content of an ad, when it is put on. The ad was then pulled.


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    So your saying all male nurses aren't gay?


    Yes. :)