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Wow....Just Wow.


I have a woman in my unit that we're trying to push fluids for. She's had chronic urinary tract infections. Well, during the night she isn't very coherent. I try to get her to drink, but she will only take a drink or two and then not open her mouth (even if she says that she wants another drink). So, last night my manager asks me if I got her to drink anything, and I told her exactly what I just said at the beginning of this post. Her reply was "Doesn't she sleep with her mouth open?"

donsterRN, ASN, BSN

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Oh. My. God.

I can only echo you... "Wow.... Just wow"!!!

This is a classic "thing that makes you go hmmm".


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O my...some people!

wouldnt we all like such a wake up call!!:eek:

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