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I was hoping to get more recent information on the Emory University wound care program. I noticed they are making everyone take a professional practice course, just curious what that entailed. I... Read More

  1. by   woundsnwonders
    Wow, this has answered all of the questions that was running through my head while going through the Emory website. Everyone- thank you! I'm a new nurse interested in wound care and this program was suggested to me by the manager of the wound care dept. at the hospital I work in. Now that I have a clear idea of what to expect, I'm really excited!

  2. by   soontobelicensed
    I am scheduled to take my WOUND CARE Exam this weekend. I have reviewed Miometrix cards, WOCN content for test and books. ANY last advice. I missed the continence exam by 2 questions, I have to retake . Has anyone paid the $75 for the 2 hour WOCN review? Is it scenarios or strictly content?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you

    Nervous Future WOCN
  3. by   Mescalero
    How many modules are required?
  4. by   jbudrick
    I completed the WOCN Emory program in January. Bridge week was in February. Emory provided study materials specifically to study for the certification exam. Bridge week helped me prepare for the exam also. I strongly recommend the Emory program. I followed the instructions and passed all three exams on the first try. I took one exam per week, just as Emory recommended. Good luck in your journey to certification. Have a good day.

    Jbudrick, CWOCN