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  1. Hi there...
    I am seeking some advice for GJ Tube care for my laryngectomy patients. Without any directives from the MD, is there a common practice for feedings and med administration for the patient with the GJ Tube? Feedings always through the J tubing? Meds always through the J tubing except for meds that should be gastric absorbed?

    We can't seem to come to a concensus on our floor, and the policy is very vague. Any references that would be helpful?

    Thanks so much...
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    when in doubt, always use the g tube.
    i haven't dealt w/many gj tubes and i remember no one being sure on what route to go.
    there's nothing wrong with fdg through the j tube-it's just a longer process. but yes, for those meds whose absorption is through the gi tract, i would use the g tube.
    can you call up the manufacturer?
    i'd be curious as well.

  4. by   suzanne4
    J-tube should always be used for feedings and even most meds...........The G post was created to be able to hook to suction when patients are having issues with aspiriation of secretions, etc.

    Same thing if you have a patient with two separate tubes. If then, always use the J-tube for everything, even meds. Usually there is a some type of blockage so that nothing will pass into the small intestine.

    But, best is to have physician specify at the same time that they are giving the initial orders.
  5. by   leslie :-D
    thanks for that info suzeanne.
    i've given fdgs and meds through the j tube per md order but never understood rationales.

  6. by   lori_c_rn
    Thanks so much for all your help!
  7. by   sapphyre1968
    :spin: It is my understanding that unless it is contraindicated by blockage or other issues with gastric emptying, you alway administer (anything) throught the G, not the J. The J is for expelling air or to relieve distention. My experience is in PDN, and my patients will never take anything PO again. So maybe that is the difference.
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  8. by   KellieNurse06
    I am taking care of a patient in the home right now with both G & J tubes, 2 seperate sites......everything goes in the Jtube (feeds & meds) but the Gtube is for releasing gas or draining into a drain bag.................I think you should check with the doctor though......simply because it may depend on what is going on with your patient. Mine has a problem with their stomach which is why they have their regime the way I described........good luck!
  9. by   sapphyre1968
    I have been doing alot of reading about G-J tubes and every resource gives different and conflicting info. I guess G-J use is subjective and there are no concrete answers. It just depends on your patients unique needs and physiology. I like black and white answers !!!!!:angryfire

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