CNA doing wound vacs??

  1. WOC professionals,

    Do CNAs place wound vacs in your healthcare setting? In my wound clinic CNAs can place wound vacs. Our CNA is wound certified. The certification class she took was for CNAs.
    Regardless....I have never seen this before. I am wondering if CNAs doing wound vacs is more common than I know.

    What are your thoughts


    PS I started a thread last week but noone responded, so I'm attempting again with a different title.
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  3. by   Corkyme
    I'm not a woc nurse but I've never heard of a cna placing a wound vac. Our cnas dont do anything with them except report if yherebis a problem
  4. by   Koalified
    All the hospitals I worked at, CNAs do not touch wound vacs. It's out of their scope of practice. I have never heard of wound certified CNAs though.