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Lately I've been seeing alot of orders for SKIN PREP to treat pressure ulcers, especially on the heels. Maybe I missed something but I,ve always thought skin prep was used for colostomy care or adhesion issues. Does anyone know if skin prep is indicated for the treatment of decubiti ?

Yes we use it on heels. It protects skin, it's a little sticky until it dries, so we use it with pillows for elevation or boots. It's like applying an extra layer of tough skin. I'm not really sure how it works, but it does.

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I have applied it to the peri-wound skin. It helps to prevent adhesive trauma and also protects the skin from drainage if the wound is exudative. Although it doesn't replace changing the dressing in a timely manner when soaked, it helps protect the skin from maceration for the very short term. Also, if the ulcer is in an area that could potentially be exposed to body wastes, like the coccyx can be easily be exposed to urine and feces, it does help protect the peri-would skin from irritation from this. I just assumed you meant the orders are for peri-wound skin and not the would bed???

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We apply it bony prominences with intact skin, it cuts down on skin being sheared or abraded from friction against the linens, like heels and elbows.

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