Would you want a classmate to be your nurse?


Do any of you have classmates that make you think, "If I am ever in the hospital after we graduate and he/she is my nurse I will be scared"? I do, and we are in our last semester...where is the "YIKES!" smiley?


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Some of them I would never let touch me with a 3 foot pole. But there are others who are amazing at clinical and in the classroom, and I would trust them with my very life. I think it all just depends on the person.


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it all depends in three things. first is that if i am close withe the nurse that used to be my classmate, then why not. but if i am not close, sorry but i'll refuse. second thing is that if that classmate of mine has a good nursing skill that can handle me well enough, then again, why not. lastly, it depends on my case or condition. let us face the reality that even though we are aware that information about the patient must be kept confidential, there are still leakage which soon becomes a talk of the town already. but to be sure that no classmate will handle me, I'll take care of myself so that i will not be hospitalized. :rolleyes:

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We're just starting nursing school today, and I already know of 2 that I would run screaming from should I encounter them in the hospital! My friend, who is starting school with me, and I had these girls in our microbiology class last semester and they were as dumb as a box of rocks. They were bad about going to class, and when they did go, were consistently late, like 15 or 20 minutes late. Their grades were bad. They obviously didn't keep up with the reading and would ask questions that let you know they didn't. They would ask about stuff that everybody else had known for months, and the professor would have to backtrack and explain things all over again. I don't mean that they were slow learners and it took them awhile to get things. I know this stuff is hard for alot of people, including me, but we get help and make an effort to learn, and you could tell they didn't care. In fact, I was sitting next to them on the first day of class,and had to move across the room because I knew I was going to be annoyed with them every day if I didn't. The first day, when the professor was going over the course material, they kept looking at each other and rolling their eyes. I was thinking, if you can't be bothered to learn microbiology, how the hell are you going to be a nurse??

I seriously have doubts about the integrity of this program after seeing them at boot camp last week. I know people in my other classes that were probably smarter and definitely worked harder, and that applied and did not get in. When my friend and I saw them last week, we about died. She said, "If I end up in the hospital and one of them is working, let me die before you let them near me. Seriously!" :no:

I don't really wish that anyone fails out of nursing school, but...


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Maybe two or three,there are some people in my class that will make a good nurses,however only few...


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I don't think anyone in my class is incompetent as of yet as I just finished my first semester. But for privacy reasons I'd say no...I would never want a classmate be my nurse. I'd rather have a complete stranger.


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I don't worry too much about it. Poor students won't make it. That's why there is the NCLEX exam, plus all the mountains you have to climb (Himalaya-size) to get through nursing school in the first place.

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I have to say I'd be happy to see most of mine. Course there were a couple that would be useful to wake me in fear of my life if I'm ever in a coma. :D

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i graduated with quite a few people that would send me absolutely running for the hills in my johnny if i ever was a patient and they were my nurse. there were even some who when they said passed their boards, i had a sinking feeling for all the patients they were possibly going to be taking care of....

it's horrible. but it's true. theres one that makes me even think i'm glad i'm moving out of state.


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There is maybe 3 people in my class that I would let take care of me.

Everyone else could take care of me but they would not touch me with a needle.

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