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Would you take a Salary position?

Would you take a Salary position in home health? Was told it would be between 2 and 6 cases per day.


Specializes in Critical Care. Has 2 years experience.

I think most of us are either salaried or FFS. that being said I am expected to do 3 a days. just so you can compare

I have seen too many mentions of work load expectations increasing and increasing some more when people are salaried, so I would be skeptical. Then on the other hand, your income would be limited when census is low if you are paid FFS. Advantages/disadvantages to either.

Thanks, I was asking this question for DW, I work in the IT field. I know in the IT field there is absolutely no benefit for for the employee. If we do not work 40 hours we have to fill in the missing hours with PTO. Often I work 8 to 9 hours during the day time and then I am expected to work another 4 to 6 on the evenings and weekends at least two to three times a week. Supposedly my higher salary makes up for this...

I am salary and usually fine with it. I think it balances out. For example, Wednesday between a meeting, visits, and documentation I worked 14 hours straight. Due to this I adjusted my friday schedule to be light, I worked only 4 hrs, and that was fine.


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