Would being short a big disadvantage for being a nurse?

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I've been wondering this for the longest time and have no one to turn to. I'm really interested in this profession. But standing at 5"2', I'm really worried. Would this be a really big problem in nursing program interviews and future job interviews? ::very worried::



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NO not at all. Being short won't make pit you at a disadvantage in this profession. There are quite few nurses who are about you're height and they're just fine. Granted, nursing does have it's small share of physical labor such as lifting and assisting patients but always ask for help when doing those. So always ensure proper body mechanics to avoid injury!

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I know a lot of petite nurses who have excellent skills and have found ways to accommodate for their lack of stature. One of our former nurses was 4'10" and her biggest issue was finding uniforms that fit, not the work. One thing to consider though is that when someone tiny is involved in turning and repositioning or transferring a patient, there shouldn't be a huge height discrepancy in her helpers... because they're the ones more likely to be injured.

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I'm 5'1" and I manage fine. Don't worry.

It is a challenge when you lift with a tall person but you manage.

Go for it!


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THank you so much you guys!!! Really really appreciated x)


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I'm 5' and have no problems whatsoever. There are also several other nurses in my unit 5' to 5'2".

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I went to school, and later worked, with a nurse who was 4-foot-9 in her Easy Spirits. She actually had to get on a footstool to hang an IV. But she was smart as a whip and an excellent practitioner, so her stature never really caused any doubt about her ability to do the job.

I'm short myself (used to be 5'4", but nowadays I'm maybe 5'3 1/2" on a good day when my back isn't too kinked up) and have not found it to be much of a disadvantage, except of course when I need something from the med room and it's on the top shelf.;)

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