Would you consider this experience when hiring a CNA?


I am a college student currently taking nursing pre-reqs.

I am currently taking the CNA class and will be applying for jobs shortly.

I notice that many of the CNA jobs in my area require or prefer one year of experience.

For about two years now, I have volunteered at a hospice in their inpatient unit in what they refer to as a CNA Assist role. Essentially, I follow around one of the CNAs and provide an extra set of hands for things like bathing and turning. I take a lot of morning shifts and often deliver breakfasts to patients as well.

Would you consider this to be experience for the purposes of applying for a job as a licensed CNA?

Thank you!

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It sounds like valuable experience, to me. I can't see that it would hurt to try for the position.


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It is relevant and helpful, will look good on a resume. If an employer is going to be strict about requiring licensed CNA level experience, they may not count it.

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I think you have some very valuable experience there. I would consider you for a CNA position with your volunteer work.

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Yes it will help. I did something similar as a hospice volunteer and while it didn't count as CNA experience it did count as healthcare experience. It helped get my foot in the door for both CNA jobs I've held.


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Thank you, ladies, for the advice.

When I finish my cert in a few weeks, I will apply for the jobs and see what happens. Hopefully I will have luck. :)