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  1. mukluk2

    National Standard Productivity

    Is there any kind of national standard for productivity? If not, where did your agency get their metric? Our agency is currently counting every visit no matter what type as 1 unit, and 1-120 miles as 0 units, 120-239 miles as one unit, and >240 miles as 2 units. A typical day one to two times a week is 150-170 miles, a SOC, and ROC, a recert, an oasis discharge, and one regular visit. Other days are not quite as bad, but still much more than the 5-6 units as calculated by the metrics other people have posted for their agency. Anything you can provide that would help us nurses have a conversation with our management so that we aren't drowning as badly would be much appreciated.
  2. mukluk2

    What did you do before nursing?

    I did field wildlife biology and computer vegetation analysis. Some cartography too.
  3. mukluk2

    Advice Greatly Appreciated!

    If you can find a good home health agency with a good orientation, that might suit you better
  4. Can you report it AND refuse to let investigators meet with or talk to your child. Can you report it to an anonymous child abuse hotline, that you suspect the other child may be abused?
  5. mukluk2

    Shoe suggestions for hot unit

    I love my allegrias with laces. Fit my feet well and give great support day after day year after year, 12 hrs on concrete floor. I have high arches that have fallen and need support. I also have wide ball of the foot and narrow heels. They are thick leather though, so more breathable than plastic, but still pretty hot in summer. Not nearly as breathable as sneakers.
  6. mukluk2

    Would you consider this experience when hiring a CNA?

    It is relevant and helpful, will look good on a resume. If an employer is going to be strict about requiring licensed CNA level experience, they may not count it.
  7. mukluk2

    Switching to days: Pros and cons

    When I worked 3 12's I worked in a medical group home. I started working as a home health nurse a month and a half ago. Once I am more trained I will have to take some weekend's and overnight on call.
  8. mukluk2

    Switching to days: Pros and cons

    I am a night owl and switched to days. I got my life back. I don't regret it at all. Now I am 8a to 5p m-f and it is hard. In a few months it will be 12 to 8 though. And for the 1st time in 6yrs I have a job I love and is the right niche for me
  9. I would like advice on questions to ask during an interview. I am an RN with 3yrs experience working in a group home with 7 residents, and have experience with trach care. I am applying to an agency and they mentioned that they have 8hr shifts available working with two clients. I spoke with someone from human resources who seemed to only know a little bit about their nursing needs. I would like to know more about the clients before deciding whether to consider accepting. All I currently know is that one is a child and would require 35-45 min driving each way, and the other is an older gentleman on a vent, and the shift for him are overnight and on the weekend. I have no experience with vents, and the resident I work with does not have a canula in his trach. I want to find out as much as possible, but I don't want to ask too many questions. I suspect the interview will be with the HR employee I already spoke to. What types of things would an agency typically share? Would it be appropriate to ask to see their plan of care with identifying info blackened out? What type of back-up should be available for vent clients, if I need help overnight or on weekends? Who should I be able to call and what kind of help should they be able to provide? If neither of those clients are a good fit, but I am interested in finding out about future clients, is that a reasonable thing to ask? Or would it seem like I am being too picky? Here are some questions I can think of. Are there changes you would make to any of them? What are my duties? Would I be driving the client, and if so in what type of vehicle? What are all of their important diagnoses and their cognitive level? Their age and living situation What are their personalities – is this okay to ask? What is a better way to phrase it? Does the child attend school Have they had problems with nurses in the past and how they resolved them? How many nurses have left this assignment in the past year or two? Who maintains the vent – What are the emergency procedures for power failure in home, dislodged trach, vent failure, can't ventilate by bag through trach, etc. What are appropriate questions about the case managers? Thanks in advance for any help