Would it be appropriate to e-mail a nursing manager that I'm VERY interested in a position I applied to?


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Is it ok to email nurse manager for a job that I want?

I did a yearlong contract at a big hospital system, and I really enjoyed my time there, but my contract unfortunately expired. I now have some connections with some people in the unit and hospital system including my past manager that I have a good relationship with and can use as a reference. I saw that there was a position in a specialty I like so I applied, but I'm wondering if I should send an email to the nursing manager of that specific unit including a resume, some references, why I'm interested/qualifications/etc. Would this be considered overkill? I really want to show that I'm interested in the position but not also turn them off.

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I don't think its overkill. However, who has the final say in hiring decisions? HR or the manager?


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traumaRUs said:

I don't think its overkill. However, who has the final say in hiring decisions? HR or the manager?

I've messaged nursing managers in the system before who usually reacted warmly or would forward my email to the hiring manager but I often wasn't qualified. This position I'm actually qualified for so I'm very anxious about making sure everything's right. I'm guessing HR would do screenings first and then I'd interview with the unit, so the manager/unit would make the final decision.  

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Please do an initial outreach email alert re interest ... with followup in 2-3wks if no response. As former Manager. I got 150 emails/day to wade through, appreciated interest in my unit, would personally screen those who contacted me if a match for my department + drag in HR to get the hiring process started.   Additionally,  would get 300+ online applications for open clerical and RN positions to go through, so skipped over some applicant pages.   It took HR 3-4 months to get staff hired, sooner if I intervened.  Best wishes to you in getting into a good health system.

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Totally fine to do that

I have sent e-mails and also called directly and spoke with the hiring manager of the unit. If they liked you, they would pull your application and expedite the hiring process.  This has worked for me at a Healthcare  Organization in CT. I have done travel assignments throughout the organization for over 2 years as an RN. I became an RN in 2018. I specialize in Psych.