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Worth the route?


In my greeting I mentioned I was a 40 year old father of twin toddler boys. I want to be a nurse here in Houston. I looked into some programs. An RN program is 5-6 terms not including prerequisites. An LVN program is three and I've done the prerequisites for it.

Is it worth doing that LVN and then a bridge RN program (lasting 3 terms)? I'm so burned out over being a restaurant manager I may come unglued. 70 hour work weeks are killer.

I figure that they may not pay as much but an LVN makes a comparable salary (slightly less) to what I get now. Even if I'm relegated to nursing homes it can't be as bad as the food business.

With prerequisites done, might be best to enroll in a LPN program to give you peace of mind. You'll have your RN before you know it. Just enroll in a bride program. 70 hours/wk is unhealthy.

Something to consider is whether you'll be able to support your family financially while in school, which can be quite time consuming.

My wife makes about $55k/yr. So we should be ok.


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LVN would be the quickest fix. As mentioned above you could bridge to RN, if you wanted to, after you could catch your breath.

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Check the need for LVNs before making the jump. RN grads in my area are taking 18-24 mos to find employment. Getting your LVN may be taking a step back before getting your RN.

There appears to be a need. Not overly in a hospital but LTAC and home health, yes. And I'm very happy doing either.

And I forgot to mention I was a CNA for a few years in hospitals, LTAC & a max security prison.