worried about my sister- triplets!

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I am a BSN nurse in Med Surg, and I didn't like OB much during school (more power to you all!) which is maybe why I don't remember any more risks.

My sister has a 4 year old daughter who was born via emergency C-section for an abruptio. The little bugger also tried to put her foot through mom's uterus. All is well now, but fast forward to last nnight, when my sister tells me that she is having triplets! I am just curious as to any stats about possible recurrent abruptio.

The babies are all in their own sac (she took fertility drugs) and all is well so far, but she is seeing a specialist at about 20 weeks and from then on (lives in a small town).

Any and all info is appreciated, as are prayers!



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One of my high school teachers had triplets after fertility treatments. So, no history of abruption there to help with your answer. However, she did live at least an hours drive from the nearest hospital with L&D services, further if weather/traffic were bad. She ended up having to move temporarily into an apartment in the city she was planning to deliver in so she could be close to the hospital in case of problems.

My memory from school about abruption is that unless there are other risk factors for abruption, it doesn't usually recur.

I should also note that while I only have 6 posts, I've been lurking around and read the board every day :eek:- so am not a newbie nor am I looking for medical advice (for future posters). Just any experiences or knowledge of this. Thanks so much! :)

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Wow !!! Congrats to your sister !!! (I think.... )

heh... shew !

Sorry, can't help you much with your questions and/or advice, but just wish her well and her 3 little bundles. Looks like "Auntie" will be having her hands full, as well ! :D

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My cousin and his wife had triplets this past summer. I think the pain problem was preventing pre-term labor. She had a cervical cerclage and of course standard betamethazone injections. She delivered at 33 weeks. They are doing fine.

Twenty-five years ago another cousin and his wife also had triplets and actually didn't know there was more than one baby until they were being born. Again, all were fine and healthy.

As far as the abruption, I've not heard that these are recurring unless your sister has risk factors such as cocaine use, HTN, smoking etc....


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Well, I just finished my OB rotation so I'll look in my handy-dandy OB text...According to Adele Pilliteri the risk factors for abruptio placentae are high parity, hypertension, direct trauma, cocaine use and cigarette smoking. There's nothing about previous abruptio, or multiple gestation.

Multiple gestation is a risk factor for PIH though, and PIH is a risk factor for abruptio.

Good luck to your sister! Triplets, Wow, I hope she can relax as much as possible during her pregnancy- because it doesn't sound like she'll be getting much sleep after the babies arrive:)



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I just wanted to give you some encouragement as to good outcomes to multiple births.

I am currently in my Maternity clinical and recently took care of triplets. They were conceived naturally, two were Identical / split from same egg plus another egg was fertilized.

I believe mom was able to maintain the pregnancy up to week 35-36. All were born very healthy and did not have to go to NICU, they were up in post partum with all the other babes. They all had decent weights too. Plus mom had another child at home too.

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