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I was supposed to start a travel nurse assignment yesterday I did not see a contract nor did I physically sign one but on Friday night the person I was living with told me I needed to get my stuff and get out as soon as possible for circumstances that had nothing to do with me I had no place to go and no money to even stay in a hotel so I had to leave and head back to Florida from New Hampshire I'm wondering what the consequences are of having to leave my contract I didn't have a way to get ahold of my recruiter over the weekend but I did in fact email them just so they would have it Monday morning when they came in explaining the situation and why I had to leave early I didn't work a shift and I feel absolutely horrible and I am just wondering if they can take my nursing license away I know I will not be able to work for the corporation Genesis anymore but I'm more worried about my actual license than anything else at this time can anyone please help

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You did see a contract and committed, you just didn't realize it , as it was all done online.

It is up to the agency to keep you open for future assignments.

This would not affect your licensure, you did not accept responsibility for patients.

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A whole paragraph - not one piece of punctuation!

If you did not see or sign a contract, why are you worried?


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I don't get it. You had to move out, and your response was to give up your job and drive cross country? I think there is more to the story you aren't sharing.