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worried about my getting my license :(


I am a little worried about not getting approved by the nursing board for my license. With our applications,we have to submit if we've had any kind of discipline with a licensure, including our driver's license. Well, I've been suspended (due to a ticket I couldn't afford to pay) so I had to submit a letter explaining what happened, no biggie. Then they asked for a copy of my driving record ( eek, i have a led foot).

After looking at my record...I had another suspension a few years ago that I had completely forgotten about that won't be off my record until August. GREAT. So along with my record, I sent another letter of explanation about what happened in that situation. I'm worried that two suspensions will put me on the border as to whether they accept me or not. I would hate to have worked this hard to not be able to get a license due to my driving habits. :uhoh21:

I don't think so. I really don't think they care about traffic offenses. I know a girl who got busted for drugs and got her license, That was 20years ago but still. I wouldn't worry about it.

I agree, I don't think they care about things like that.

If someone wanted to dig WAY back, I think my license has technically been suspended about 3 or 4 times. In my state they'll suspend it for anything...not getting your inspection on time, late registration, etc.

What they are REALLY searching for is suspensions for let's say, a DUI or other charge where it was part of the sentence...not just a routine suspension for not paying a fine.

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i do not know what kansas is like but here in florida, you can appeal any decision of the state board of nursing by attending an open meeting of the board. the meetings are posted on the web site and you can get on the docket and present your case. write to your state board and ask but perhpas wait, i know it must be agonizing, but wait for a decision and then appeal the decision, if necessary. at least, look into it and prepare.

I agree that the BON probably doesn't care about traffic violations. In fact, our application (Florida) specifically says that they don't care about traffic offenses unless it was a DUI or something like that.

I had a bounced check that is considered a misdemeanor and I had to declare that. i didn't even know it bounced until I was served with court papers. I pled no contest and paid the fine. To be on the safe side, I declared it on my application, submitted copies of court documents, and wrote a letter explaining the offense. SO embarrassing! :uhoh3:

The lady at the court said it probably wouldn't even show up on my background check, but better to be honest with the BON than to have it come up and look like you're trying to cover it up. I'm still kinda nervous about it, though. :uhoh21:

thanks guys! I stressed myself out for nothing. I got a letter yesterday saying that my application has been accepted. YEA! Now all I have to worry about is the NCLEX! LOL :up:

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